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1. A.C. Reed Self, Festival Express
2. A.J. Cronin Writer, The Stars Look Down
3. A.P. Herbert Writer, House by the River
4. Aaron Neville Soundtrack, Rain Man
5. Adrian Brunel Director, The Lion Has Wings
6. Adrienne Ames Actress, The Death Kiss
7. Agnes Ayres Actress, The Sheik
8. Aimee Sweet Actress, Survivors Exposed
9. Aja Actress, The Case of the Sensuous Sinners
10. Alain Cuny Actor, La Dolce Vita
11. Alan Clarke Director, Scum
12. Alan Hale Actor, It Happened One Night
13. Alana Evans Actress, Not the Bradys XXX
14. Albert Dekker Actor, The Wild Bunch
15. Albert E. Smith Producer, Mysterious Cafe, or Mr. and Mrs. Spoopendyke Have Troubles with a Waiter
16. Albert Paulsen Actor, General Hospital
17. Albert S. Rogell Director, In Old Oklahoma
18. Albert de Courville Director, Doomed Cargo
19. Aleksandr Kerensky Self, Alexander Kerensky
20. Aleksandr Kolchak Uncategorised
21. Alex Gottlieb Writer, Susan Slept Here
22. Alexander Hall Director, Here Comes Mr. Jordan
23. Alexandra Silk Actress, Sex Court: The Movie
24. Alexandria Quinn Actress, Head of the Family
25. Alexis Amore Actress, Rock and Roll: The Movie
26. Alf Kjellin Director, Negative Reaction
27. Alfred Döblin Writer, Berlin-Alexanderplatz - Die Geschichte Franz Biberkopfs
28. Alfred E. Green Director, The Jackie Robinson Story
29. Alger Hiss Self, The Bomb: February-September 1945
30. Alice Calhoun Actress, Bride of the Desert
31. Alice Day Actress, The Smart Set
32. Alice Guy Director, La fée aux choux
33. Alice Joyce Actress, Dancing Mothers
34. Alicia Keys Soundtrack, The Great Gatsby
35. Allan Pinkerton Uncategorised
36. Allen Garfield Actor, The Conversation
37. Allen Jenkins Actor, Pillow Talk
38. Allyn Joslyn Actor, Only Angels Have Wings
39. Amber Lynn Actress, Things
40. Amber Michaels Actress, Sexual Awakenings
41. Amelita Galli-Curci Soundtrack, Grave of the Fireflies
42. Anatole de Grunwald Writer, 'Pimpernel' Smith
43. Andrea True Actress, Deep Throat Part II
44. André De Toth Director, House of Wax
45. André Deed Actor, An Extraordinary Dislocation
46. Andy Clyde Actor, Leather Burners
47. Angel Actress, Dangerous Stuff
48. Angela Summers Actress, Necromaniac: Schizophreniac 2
49. Angus MacPhail Writer, Dead of Night
50. Anna Malle Actress, Jenna Loves Rocco
51. Anne Nagel Actress, Black Friday
52. Anthony J. Xydias Producer, Dynamite Dan
53. Anthony Kimmins Writer, George Takes the Air
54. Anthony Mendleson Costume Designer, A Bridge Too Far
55. Anthony Pelissier Director, The Rocking Horse Winner
56. Arline Judge Actress, The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
57. Arline Pretty Actress, A Woman in Grey
58. Arnold Moss Actor, Viva Zapata!
59. Arthur Crabtree Director, Fiend Without a Face
60. Arthur Fiedler Self, Arthur Fiedler: Just Call Me Maestro
61. Arthur Franz Actor, The Caine Mutiny
62. Arthur Lubin Director, Phantom of the Opera
63. Arturo de Córdova Actor, El
64. Ayumi Hamasaki Soundtrack, InuYasha
65. B. Reeves Eason Director, Undersea Kingdom
66. Baby Face Nelson Uncategorised
67. Baby Sandy Actress, Bachelor Daddy
68. Barbara Windsor Actress, Alice in Wonderland
69. Basil Dean Producer, 21 Days Together
70. Basil Dearden Director, Dead of Night
71. Basil Wright Producer, Night Mail
72. Beatrice Harraden Writer, Ships That Pass in the Night
73. Bebe Buell Self, Steven and Liv Tyler
74. Belladonna Actress, Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge
75. Ben Alexander Actor, All Quiet on the Western Front
76. Ben Ames Williams Writer, Leave Her to Heaven
77. Benito Pérez Galdós Writer, Tristana
78. Benjamin Harrison Uncategorised
79. Benny Bartlett Actor, The Texas Rangers
80. Bernard Cribbins Actor, Frenzy
81. Bernard Girard Director, Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round
82. Bernard Knowles Director, Magical Mystery Tour
83. Bernard Malamud Writer, The Natural
84. Bernard Natan Producer, The Last Billionaire
85. Bernard Paul Coy Self, Escape from Alcatraz: The True Stories!
86. Bernard Punsly Actor, Angels with Dirty Faces
87. Bert Freed Actor, Paths of Glory
88. Bert Glennon Cinematographer, Stagecoach
89. Bert Kaempfert Soundtrack, About Schmidt
90. Betty E. Box Producer, Doctor in the House
91. Big Jack Johnson Soundtrack, Black Snake Moan
92. Bill Teas Actor, The Immoral Mr. Teas
93. Bill Walsh Producer, Mary Poppins
94. Billy Bevan Actor, The Picture of Dorian Gray
95. Billy Gilbert Actor, The Great Dictator
96. Billy Halop Actor, Angels with Dirty Faces
97. Billy James Hargis Self, With God on Our Side: The Rise of the Religious Right in America
98. Billy Swan Soundtrack, Thor
99. Billy Vaughn Composer, Pilot
100. Blind Willie Johnson Soundtrack, Public Enemies
1-100 of 1,036 names.