41 names.

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1. Abe Vigoda Actor, The Godfather
2. Al Leong Actor, Die Hard
3. Al Lettieri Actor, The Godfather
4. Antonio Fargas Actor, Starsky and Hutch
5. Burt Reynolds Actor, Boogie Nights
6. Charles McGraw Actor, The Birds
7. Claude Akins Actor, Battle for the Planet of the Apes
8. David Patrick Kelly Actor, Twin Peaks
9. Duane Jones Actor, Night of the Living Dead
10. Frank McRae Actor, Last Action Hero
11. Frank Vincent Actor, The Sopranos
12. Fred Ward Actor, Tremors
13. Geoffrey Lewis Actor, Double Impact
14. George Kennedy Actor, Cool Hand Luke
15. Gus Mercurio Actor, The Blue Lagoon
16. Harold Sakata Actor, Goldfinger
17. Harry Dean Stanton Actor, Alien
18. James Caan Actor, The Godfather
19. James Coburn Actor, Monsters, Inc.
20. James Woods Actor, Once Upon a Time in America
21. Jeff Morris Actor, The Blues Brothers
22. Jim Kelly Actor, Enter the Dragon
23. Joe Don Baker Actor, GoldenEye
24. John Turturro Actor, O Brother, Where Art Thou?
25. Jon-Erik Hexum Actor, Voyagers!
26. Kirk Douglas Actor, Spartacus
27. L.Q. Jones Actor, Casino
28. M. Emmet Walsh Actor, Blade Runner
29. Mike Mazurki Actor, Some Like It Hot
30. Nick Cravat Actor, The Count of Monte Cristo
31. Paul Koslo Actor, The Omega Man
32. Paul Sorvino Actor, Goodfellas
33. Professor Toru Tanaka Actor, The Running Man
34. Richard Maibaum Writer, Goldfinger
35. Rod Taylor Actor, 101 Dalmatians
36. Shin'ichi Chiba Actor, Kill Bill: Vol. 1
37. Sid Vicious Soundtrack, Goodfellas
38. Sonny Landham Actor, Predator
39. Sven-Ole Thorsen Actor, Gladiator
40. Tom Skerritt Actor, Alien
41. Yun-Fat Chow Actor, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
41 names.