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1. A. Laura James Miscellaneous Crew, Trial and Error
2. Aaron Ellis Actor, Beneath the Skin
3. Aaron Goldenberg Editor, Kyle
4. Aaron J. Mracna Writer, Unibomber
5. Aaron Karo Self, Aaron Karo: The Rest Is History
6. Aaron Neathery Actor, Copyright for Hire
7. Abbey Scott Actress, Stripped
8. Abby Schories Uncategorised
9. Abigail Steinberg Director, Jules
10. Abigail Zoe Lewis Actress, A Proper Send-Off
11. Abraham Almanza Actor, A Tale of Two Pizzas
12. Abraham J. Keogh Actor, Peers XVII: What We Worry About
13. Adam Alsing Self, Big Brother
14. Adam Dubin Director, Metallica: Cunning Stunts
15. Adam Edward Brooks Producer, The Season
16. Adam Edwards Writer, The Islands of Zorraba
17. Adam Hammel Miscellaneous Crew, New York Undercover
18. Adam Heffernan Actor, All My Children
19. Adam Lieberman Miscellaneous Crew, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
20. Adam Mark Brown Director, I Dreamed I Searched for You in Heaven
21. Adam Nordén Composer, Shed No Tears
22. Adam Weiner Actor, Masterpiece Monday
23. Addie Yungmee Actress, Collateral
24. Addison Timlin Actress, Derailed
25. Adriana Garza Producer, And She Danced, Life After Loss
26. Agim Kaba Actor, Impostor
27. Agnes Windeck Actress, Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard
28. Akemi Look Actress, Woman in Fragments
29. Akihiro Kitamura Actor, The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
30. Alan J. Bloom Producer, Lucky Strike Lanes
31. Alan Lilly Actor, The Punisher
32. Alan Manson Actor, The Devil's Advocate
33. Alan White Director, Erskineville Kings
34. Alana Billings Miscellaneous Crew, The Cookie Thief
35. Alayna Hughes Art Department, Strangers with Candy
36. Albert Wolsky Costume Designer, Road to Perdition
37. Alberto Belli Director, Floyd, Darling: A Lake
38. Albertossy Espinoza Actor, Heels
39. Alex Alexander Music Department, Operation Eichmann
40. Alex Arsenault Actor, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
41. Alex Choonoo Cinematographer, Excuses
42. Alex Fulton Composer, Red Cloud: Deliverance
43. Alex Lee Williams Director, Nights in Suburbia
44. Alex Schemmer Actor, Argo
45. Alex Sgambati Actress, The Light in Their Eyes
46. Alex Skuby Actor, Payback
47. Alex Weil Director, One Rat Short
48. Alex van Galen Writer, Buffy's en bocheltjes
49. Alexander Archbold Miscellaneous Crew, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell
50. Alexander Atkins Editor, Sabina
51. Alexander Devrient Actor, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
52. Alexander James Rodriguez Actor, All Stars
53. Alexander Nevsky Actor, Treasure Raiders
54. Alexander Rudd Composer, Unknown
55. Alexandra Zabriskie Actress, Boy Wonder
56. Alexena Whiting Actress, Neverlost
57. Alexis Kanner Actor, The Ernie Game
58. Alexis Raich Actress, A Cinderella Story
59. Alice Ensor Producer, Money Hungry
60. Aliethea D'Angelo Producer, Elephant in the Room
61. Alisa Vilena Gerstein Actress, Earrings
62. Alison Goldfrapp Soundtrack, Crazy, Stupid, Love.
63. Alison Moyet Self, Episode #1.2
64. Alix Maria Taulbee Actress, Play James Play
65. Allan Luks Self, Project Pay It Forward
66. Allison Paige Henning Actress, Wear
67. Allison Sarofim Actress, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
68. Ally Tully Actress, Day of Youth
69. Ally Warren Actress, The Ex
70. Alrick Brown Director, Kinyarwanda
71. Alycia Lee Actress, Red Doors
72. Alyse Courtney Actress, Hollywood Confidential
73. Alyssa Altman Actress, Kiss the Bride
74. Amanda Boyle Director, Pop Art
75. Amanda Bynes Actress, Easy A
76. Amanda Kuryk Make-Up Department, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
77. Amanda Lipinski Actress, Desire Turned Deadly
78. Amanda Michaels Actress, Murder for Two
79. Amanda Pennington Actress, Windcroft
80. Amelia Brantley Actress, An Elevated Love Story
81. Amit Mehra Writer, Ekanth
82. Amy Bouril Actress, Spider-Man
83. Amy Farrington Actress, Hatching Pete
84. Amy M. Raymond Art Department, Eight-ish
85. Amy Seimetz Actress, Upstream Color
86. Ana Paola Dominguez Actress, John John's Next Big Scene Partner
87. Ana Ángeles García Self, ¡Feliz 20 cumpleaños!
88. Analisa Ravella Director, The Sanguinarian
89. Andi Morrow Actress, Dawnlight: Blah Blah Blah
90. Andie MacDowell Actress, Groundhog Day
91. Andre Alves Miscellaneous Crew, Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film - Volume II
92. Andre Landzaat Actor, General Hospital
93. Andrea Gabriel Actress, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
94. Andrea Tenuta Actress, The Official Story
95. Andrea Vecchiato Director, Luminal
96. Andrew Cunanan Uncategorised
97. Andrew Elvis Miller Actor, Fixing Frank
98. Andrew Gormley Writer, Holy Crap
99. Andrew Gritzke Camera and Electrical Department, Up in the Air
100. Andrew J. Lee Actor, Platonic Solid
1-100 of 2,040 names.