61 names.

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1. Akim Tamiroff Actor, Touch of Evil
2. Arthur Shields Actor, The Quiet Man
3. Claude Rains Actor, Casablanca
4. Colin Clive Actor, Frankenstein
5. DeVeren Bookwalter Actor, The Enforcer
6. Douglas Walton Actor, Bride of Frankenstein
7. Elsa Lanchester Actress, Witness for the Prosecution
8. Eric Blore Actor, Top Hat
9. Ernst Lubitsch Director, To Be or Not to Be
10. Ethel Barrymore Actress, Portrait of Jennie
11. Flora Robson Actress, Black Narcissus
12. Franchot Tone Actor, Mutiny on the Bounty
13. Francis McDonald Actor, The Ten Commandments
14. Franklin Pangborn Actor, Sullivan's Travels
15. Gavin Muir Actor, Night Tide
16. George Bancroft Actor, Stagecoach
17. George Zucco Actor, Dead Men Walk
18. Georges Auric Composer, Roman Holiday
19. Gladys Cooper Actress, My Fair Lady
20. Gladys George Actress, The Maltese Falcon
21. Halliwell Hobbes Actor, Gaslight
22. Harry Andrews Actor, Battle of Britain
23. Herbert Marshall Actor, Foreign Correspondent
24. Hugo Friedhofer Music Department, Casablanca
25. Ian Hunter Actor, The Adventures of Robin Hood
26. Ian Keith Actor, Queen Christina
27. James Ramsey Ullman Writer, Windom's Way
28. Jean Hersholt Actor, Heidi
29. John Clements Actor, Gandhi
30. John Laurie Actor, Hamlet
31. Joseph Calleia Actor, Touch of Evil
32. King Donovan Actor, Invasion of the Body Snatchers
33. Leo Genn Actor, Moby Dick
34. Leo McKern Actor, The Blue Lagoon
35. Leonard Mudie Actor, The Mummy
36. Lionel Atwill Actor, Captain Blood
37. Louis Hayward Actor, The Pursuers
38. Max Reinhardt Director, A Midsummer Night's Dream
39. Michael Craig Actor, G.P.
40. Montagu Love Actor, The Adventures of Robin Hood
41. Niall MacGinnis Actor, Hamlet
42. Oscar Levant Soundtrack, Eyes Wide Shut
43. Patric Knowles Actor, The Adventures of Robin Hood
44. Paul Scofield Actor, A Man for All Seasons
45. Percy Herbert Actor, The Bridge on the River Kwai
46. Ralph Faulkner Miscellaneous Crew, Hope
47. Ralph Forbes Actor, Twentieth Century
48. Robert Barrat Actor, Captain Blood
49. Robert Donat Actor, The 39 Steps
50. Robert Douglas Director, Shazam!
51. Robert Nathan Writer, The Bishop's Wife
52. Robert Taylor Actor, The Detectives
53. Rod Whitaker Writer, The Eiger Sanction
54. Sam Jaffe Actor, Ben Casey
55. Sean McClory Actor, Them!
56. Stewart Granger Actor, Scaramouche
57. Thayer David Actor, Dark Shadows
58. Thomas Mitchell Actor, Gone with the Wind
59. Walter Abel Actor, Fury
60. William Stack Actor, Mary of Scotland
61. William Walton Music Department, Battle of Britain
61 names.