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1. Barry White

Soundtrack | Summer of Sam

Barry White first made his mark in the music business in the 1960s as a session musician, even serving for a spell as an A&R man for a small, independent Los Angeles record label. He first hit it big in 1973 with a series of albums and singles emphasizing lush orchestrations and elaborate ...

2. Clive Davis

Soundtrack | Bad Company

Clive Davis was born in Brooklyn, New York. He entered Harvard Law School on a full scholarship and graduated in 1956. Four years later, he arrived at Columbia Records as an attorney. In 1965, he was promoted to administrative vice-president of the label, became vice-president and general manager a...

3. Elliott Lewis

Writer | Remington Steele

Elliott Lewis first made his mark as an actor, writer, producer and director on radio in the late 1930's. His voice was also heard on Gordon Jenkins' classic recording of "Manhattan Tower" on Decca Records in 1945. In contrast to his prodigious radio career, in which he worked either alone or in ...

4. Finis Barton

Actress | Stampede

Born Finis Barton January 8, 1911 in Perth but raised in Sydney, Australia where she studied ballet, tap, and acting. Became a local radio star at age 14. Entered the U.S. via Canada in 1927 and was promptly hired by RKO Pictures as a "pony" (chorus girl) dancer in musicals. From 1930 to 1939 ...

5. Ivor Mairants

Self | The Benny Hill Show

Ivor Mairants, one of the most famous British guitarists, was born in Poland and moved with his family to England in 1913. Originally trained on the banjo, he first played with British dance bands of the 1930s such as those led by Ted Heath, Geraldo and Ambrose, first on banjo, then guitar. By the ...

6. Jackie Wright

Actor | The Benny Hill Show

One of twelve children, Jackie Wright started out as a body builder in the car trade, even working for a time in America upholstering Cadillacs. After the Depression he drifted back to his native Belfast and travelled the country as a music-hall trombonist and supporting comic. By the 1960s, Jackie...

7. Jan Owen

Actor | Homecoming

Jan Britten Owen is a composer, arranger, musician, and singer for motion pictures, commercials, and karaoke tracks. He is also an on screen performer in The Homecoming as the Bandleader, and has done cover versions of songs for use in movies and commercials. In the New York DMA, his radio ...

8. Linda Henning

Actress | Petticoat Junction

The daughter of veteran writer and TV producer Paul Henning and Ruth Henning, Linda originally studied to be a dancer before going into acting. After appearing in an uncredited role as one of the dancers in Bye Bye Birdie (1963), she landed the role of Betty Jo on Petticoat Junction (1963), on ...

9. Mitch Miller

Soundtrack | The Longest Day

A graduate of the Eastman School of Music and a classically trained oboist, Mitch Miller first entered the pop music scene in 1948 at Mercury Records, where he guided such acts as Vic Damone, Frankie Laine and Patti Page to success. In 1950 he was lured by Goddard Lieberson to Columbia Records as ...

9 names.