50 names.

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1. Al Lewis Actor, The Munsters
2. Alan Jay Lerner Soundtrack, Forrest Gump
3. Betty Furness Self, Studio One in Hollywood
4. Bob Costas Self, BASEketball
5. Bruce Beresford Director, Driving Miss Daisy
6. Cathy Tyson Actress, Mona Lisa
7. Charles Ray Actor, The Busher
8. Claude Chabrol Director, La Cérémonie
9. Danny Thomas Actor, Make Room for Daddy
10. David Leisure Actor, Empty Nest
11. Dick Sargent Actor, Bewitched
12. Dick York Actor, Bewitched
13. Don Ameche Actor, Cocoon
14. Donald O'Connor Actor, Singin' in the Rain
15. Donna Dixon Actress, Wayne's World
16. Eva Gabor Actress, The AristoCats
17. Gale Gordon Actor, Here's Lucy
18. Gene Tierney Actress, Laura
19. Harold Gould Actor, The Sting
20. Jack Klugman Actor, Quincy M.E.
21. Jack Wagner Actor, The Bold and the Beautiful
22. Jacklyn Zeman Actress, One Life to Live
23. Jackée Harry Actress, Sister, Sister
24. Jeff Foxworthy Writer, Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
25. Jo Van Fleet Actress, Cool Hand Luke
26. Joe Lando Actor, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
27. Kate Capshaw Actress, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
28. Lauren Hutton Producer, Lauren Hutton and...
29. Leni Riefenstahl Producer, Triumph of the Will
30. Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Writer, Designing Women
31. Linda Kozlowski Actress, Crocodile Dundee
32. Lulu Roman Self, Hee Haw
33. Mark Goodson Producer, The Match Game
34. Mark Harmon Actor, NCIS
35. Martin Kosleck Actor, Foreign Correspondent
36. McLean Stevenson Actor, M*A*S*H
37. Michael Hordern Actor, Where Eagles Dare
38. Mitzi Gaynor Self, Mitzi... Roarin' in the 20's
39. Nina Foch Actress, Spartacus
40. Reba McEntire Actress, Tremors
41. Roger Bowen Actor, MASH
42. Rue McClanahan Actress, The Golden Girls
43. Stanley Fields Actor, Little Caesar
44. Telly Savalas Actor, Kojak
45. Tim Robbins Actor, The Shawshank Redemption
46. Tom Helmore Actor, Vertigo
47. Vera Ralston Actress, The Fighting Kentuckian
48. Walter Lantz Producer, The Woody Woodpecker Show
49. William Lundigan Actor, Men Into Space
50. Woody Strode Actor, Once Upon a Time in the West
50 names.