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1. A. Bromley Davenport Actor, Jamaica Inn
2. Alf Scotty Actor, A Pair of Dummies
3. Alice De Winton Actress, A Throw of the Dice
4. Alice Hollister Actress, From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth
5. André Heuzé Actor, Poil de carotte
6. Anita Bush Actress, The Crimson Skull
7. Anita Hendrie Actress, The Golden Louis
8. Anna Fougez Actress, Fiore selvaggio
9. Arthur Donaldson Actor, Babbling Tongues
10. Arthur Evers Actor, Camille
11. Arthur Guy Empey Writer, The Midnight Flyer
12. Arthur M. Cullin Actor, Nature's Gentleman
13. Arthur Riscoe Actor, Kiss Me Goodbye
14. Augusta Burmeister Actress, House Cleaning
15. B. Reeves Eason Jr. Actor, The Big Adventure
16. Baby Early Gorman Actress, Early's Awakening
17. Barbara Hoffe Actress, The Marriage Lines
18. Beatrice Beckley Actress, The Prisoner of Zenda
19. Beatrice Dominguez Actress, The Sundown Trail
20. Benoit Constant Coquelin Actor, Cyrano de Bergerac
21. Benoît Duval Actor, Tables Turned on the Gardener
22. Berta Nelson Actress, Ali spezzate
23. Bessie Eyton Actress, The Heart of Texas Ryan
24. Betty Faire Actress, The Conspirators
25. Billie Billings Actress, Transgression
26. Billy Merson Actor, Billy's Spanish Love Spasm
27. Blanche Forsythe Actress, Sixty Years a Queen
28. Blanche Mehaffey Actress, Held for Ransom
29. Bliss Milford Actress, A Boarding House Romance
30. Bonnie Hill Actress, The Frozen North
31. Bruce McRae Actor, The Chain Invisible
32. Burr McIntosh Actor, Way Down East
33. Charles Austin Actor, Hot Heir
34. Charles Belcher Actor, The Thief of Bagdad
35. Charles Brandt Actor, The Heart of a 'Boss'
36. Charles Edward Bull Actor, The Iron Horse
37. Charles Eldridge Actor, A Cure for Pokeritis
38. Charles J. Stine Actor, Miss Milly's Valentine
39. Charles Judels Actor, The Great Ziegfeld
40. Charles S. Abbe Actor, Cappy Ricks
41. Charlotte Merriam Actress, Night Nurse
42. Christine Silver Actress, The Little Welsh Girl
43. Clarence Blakiston Actor, The Lady of the Camellias
44. Clarine Seymour Actress, Just Rambling Along
45. Claude Hulbert Actor, The Ghost of St. Michael's
46. Clifford Bruce Actor, A Fool There Was
47. Clifton Boyne Actor, The Musgrave Ritual
48. Daisy Campbell Actress, White Shadows
49. Daisy Cordell Actress, Married for Money
50. Daisy Dormer Actress, Music-Hall Cavalcade: Stars of Yesterday and Today
51. Darby Foster Actor, Paddy the Next Best Thing
52. Dinshaw Bilimoria Actor, Wildcat of Bombay
53. Dora De Winton Actress, The Fairy Doll
54. Dorothy Donnelly Writer, The Student Prince
55. Dorothy Foster Actress, The Smuggler's Daughter of Anglesea
56. Edith Craig Actress, The God in the Garden
57. Eileen Dennes Actress, Mr. Justice Raffles
58. Eleanor Blanchard Actress, Don't Lie to Your Husband
59. Elsie MacLeod Actress, With the Assistance of 'Shep'
60. Emma Carus Self, Actors' Fund Field Day
61. Ena Bertoldi Self, Bertoldi (Table Contortion)
62. Ernest Hendrie Actor, A Will and a Way
63. Ernest Trimingham Actor, Jack, Sam and Pete
64. Ethel Bracewell Actress, The Midnight Marriage
65. Evaristo Márquez Actor, Burn!
66. Fatima Self, Fatima
67. Fay Davis Actress, Her Only Son
68. Fernanda Fassy Actress, Il tenente del IX lancieri
69. Flora Morris Actress, A Park Lane Scandal
70. Flora le Breton Actress, Sous le ciel d'Orient
71. Florence Deshon Actress, The Desired Woman
72. Florence Flinn Actress, Little Women
73. Frank Adair Actor, The Artistic Temperament
74. Frank S. Beresford Actor, Convict 99
75. Geraldine Maxwell Actress, When Women Rule
76. Gertie Potter Actress, The Doll's Revenge
77. Gladys Sylvani Actress, All's Right with the World
78. Goldie Colwell Actress, When Avarice Rules
79. Gordon Harker Actor, The Farmer's Wife
80. Gregory Scott Actor, The Black Night
81. Guy Rupert Lane Actor, The Underworld of London
82. Gwynne Herbert Actress, Whoso Diggeth a Pit
83. H.O. Martinek Director, Her Lover's Honour
84. Harold Lockwood Actor, Tess of the Storm Country
85. Harry Cashman Actor, Getting a Hired Girl
86. Harry Relph Self, Paris to Monte Carlo
87. Harry Tate Actor, Motoring
88. Harvey Braban Actor, Blackmail
89. Hector Abbas Actor, One of Our Aircraft Is Missing
90. Helen Marlborough Actress, An Innocent Crook
91. Herbert Campbell Actor, Burlesque Attack on a Settler's Cabin
92. Herbert Langley Actor, Pal O'Mine
93. Holmes Herbert Actor, The Invisible Man
94. Hugh Buckler Actor, The Last of the Mohicans
95. Irene Boyle Actress, A Mother's Atonement
96. Ivy Martinek Actress, Three-Fingered Kate: The Wedding Presents
97. Ivy Millais Actress, Oliver Twist
98. Jack Devereaux Actor, A Successful Failure
99. Jack Houghton Actor, The Adventures of Dick Turpin: The Gunpowder Plot
100. Jackeydawra Melford Actress, The Inn on the Heath
1-100 of 206 names.