33 names.

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1. Alvin C. York Writer, Sergeant York
2. Bill Raisch Actor, The Ivy Maze
3. Bobby Darin Soundtrack, American Beauty
4. Brad Davis Actor, Midnight Express
5. Charlie Parker Soundtrack, Se7en
6. David Hess Actor, The Last House on the Left
7. Eddie Cochran Soundtrack, Caddyshack
8. Emiliano Zapata Uncategorised
9. Erich von Manstein Self, Lightning War
10. Francisco Franco Self, Franco: ese hombre
11. Freddie Prinze Actor, The Million Dollar Rip-Off
12. Frida Kahlo Uncategorised
13. Friedrich Paulus Uncategorised
14. Graham Chapman Writer, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
15. Hermann Göring Self, Triumph of the Will
16. Idi Amin Self, General Idi Amin Dada
17. Ivan Rassimov Actor, Sacrifice!
18. Jessica Savitch Self, Frontline
19. Jim Croce Soundtrack, X-Men: Days of Future Past
20. Jimi Hendrix Soundtrack, Almost Famous
21. Joe D'Amato Director, The Blade Master
22. Jomo Kenyatta Self, Jomo Kenyatta
23. Lenny Bruce Self, Lenny Bruce in 'Lenny Bruce'
24. Leon Trotsky Self, The Assassination of Trotsky
25. Lord Kitchener Self, Gen'l Sir Herbert Kitchener
26. Lou Gehrig Actor, Rawhide
27. Malcolm X Writer, Malcolm X
28. Massimo Foschi Actor, Jungle Holocaust
29. Me Me Lai Actress, The Element of Crime
30. Patsy Cline Soundtrack, The Departed
31. Perry Ellis Costume Designer, Total Stretch! With Lawrence Leritz
32. Redvers Buller Self, The Gordon Highlanders
33. Umberto Lenzi Director, Cannibal Ferox
33 names.