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1. 'Kewpie' Ross Actor, Three of a Kind
2. A.E. Matthews Actor, Man with a Million
3. Abraham Polonsky Writer, Force of Evil
4. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Self, Episode dated 7 January 1970
5. Adela Rogers St. Johns Writer, A Free Soul
6. Adrian Scott Writer, Mr. Lucky
7. Al Davis Self, Straight Outta L.A.
8. Al Freeman Jr. Actor, One Life to Live
9. Al Kaline Self, Al Kaline vs. Hank Aaron
10. Alain Corneau Writer, Tous les matins du monde
11. Alan Bennett Actor, The Madness of King George
12. Alan Mowbray Actor, The Man Who Knew Too Much
13. Alan Shepherd Self, Golf: The Greatest Game
14. Albert Anastasia Self, Lucky Luciano: Chairman of the Mob
15. Albert Maltz Writer, Two Mules for Sister Sara
16. Alec McCowen Actor, Gangs of New York
17. Alfred Ryder Actor, True Grit
18. Anatole France Writer, Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg
19. Andre Roosevelt Director, Kriss
20. Angelique Pettyjohn Actress, Mad Doctor of Blood Island
21. Ann Jellicoe Writer, The Knack... and How to Get It
22. Ann Todd Actress, The Paradine Case
23. Anthony Asquith Director, Pygmalion
24. Anthony Franciosa Actor, Tenebre
25. Anthony Minghella Writer, The English Patient
26. Anthony Quinn Actor, Lawrence of Arabia
27. Anthony Spinelli Director, Talk Dirty to Me
28. Antoinette Concello Self, The Greatest Show on Earth
29. Anton Diffring Actor, Fahrenheit 451
30. Archie Marshek Editor, Road to Bali
31. Aristotle Onassis Uncategorised
32. Armand Denis Director, Below the Sahara
33. Arthur Brough Actor, Are You Being Served?
34. Arthur Kennedy Actor, Lawrence of Arabia
35. Arthur Miller Writer, The Crucible
36. Artie Mitchell Director, Behind the Green Door
37. Aubrey Lyles Self, Miller and Lyles Sing de Ducks
38. Augustus Harris Writer, The Royal Oak
39. Babe Ruth Actor, The Pride of the Yankees
40. Baker Knight Soundtrack, Pulp Fiction
41. Barry Sullivan Actor, The Bad and the Beautiful
42. Beau Jack Self, Tony Rome
43. Ben Blue Actor, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
44. Ben F. Wilson Actor, Officer '444'
45. Benjamin Franklin Keith Self, Mr. B.F. Keith
46. Bernard Cornfeld Self, Episode #4.2
47. Bernard Price Actor, La jena di Londra
48. Beulah Bondi Actress, It's a Wonderful Life
49. Bill Buckner Self, The Comebacks
50. Bill Cody Actor, The Vanishing Riders
51. Bill James Self, Bill James
52. Bill Lee Self, Looking for Oscar
53. Bill McKinney Actor, First Blood
54. Bill Ripken Self, Cal Ripken Jr.
55. Billy Campbell Actor, The Rocketeer
56. Billy Graham Self, My Hope America with Billy Graham
57. Billy Rose Soundtrack, The Devil's Advocate
58. Billy Williams Self, We Believe
59. Birdie Tebbets Self, The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg
60. Blanche Baker Actress, Sixteen Candles
61. Bob Crosby Soundtrack, Raging Bull
62. Bob Crosby Orchestra Soundtrack, Holiday Inn
63. Bobby Astyr Actor, Pelvis
64. Bobby Clark Actor, Scratch-As-Catch-Can
65. Bobby Fischer Self, Searching for Bobby Fischer
66. Bonnie Holiday Actress, Desires Within Young Girls
67. Boris Kaufman Cinematographer, 12 Angry Men
68. Bowie Kuhn Self, Howard Cosell: Telling It Like It Is
69. Brian Aherne Actor, I Confess
70. Broderick Crawford Actor, All the King's Men
71. Bruce Cabot Actor, King Kong
72. Bruce Dern Actor, Nebraska
73. Bruce Jay Friedman Writer, Splash
74. Butch Rovan Composer, Topsy and Bunker: The Cat Killers
75. Carl Furillo Self, Episode #13.4
76. Carl Reiner Writer, The Dick Van Dyke Show
77. Carl Yastrzemski Self, Episode #6.50
78. Carlo Fiore Actor, Man from Yesterday
79. Carlton Fisk Self, Boston Red Sox: 100 Years of Baseball History
80. Carol Connors Actress, Deep Throat
81. Carolyn Cassady Self, Love Always, Carolyn
82. Carolyn Mitchell Actress, The Cry Baby Killer
83. Casey Stengel Self, 1958 World Series
84. Cecil Cooper Self, 1980 MLB All-Star Game
85. Cecil Fielder Self, This Week in Baseball 1990
86. Cecil Raleigh Writer, The Whip
87. Charles Adler Actor, Thrill of a Lifetime
88. Charles Bukowski Writer, Barfly
89. Charles Christie Director, 813
90. Charles Evans Producer, Tootsie
91. Charles Manson Self, Citizen Shane
92. Charles S. 'Chub' Feeney Self, 1986 World Series
93. Charles Watson Thanks, Female Trouble
94. Cherry Vanilla Self, Let's Get Lost
95. Cheryl Campbell Actress, Chariots of Fire
96. Chester Morris Actor, The Big House
97. Chris Dodd Self, Honk for Peace
98. Christian Nyby Director, The Thing from Another World
99. Christiane Krüger Actress, Anne of Green Gables
100. Christine Jorgensen Writer, The Christine Jorgensen Story
1-100 of 631 names.