47 names.

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1. Alice Joyce Actress, Dancing Mothers
2. Allen Ginsberg Self, The Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation
3. Annie Sprinkle Actress, My Father Is Coming
4. Archibald Selwyn Producer, The Jungle
5. Arthur C. Miller Cinematographer, How Green Was My Valley
6. Ben Barzman Writer, The Fall of the Roman Empire
7. Bud Spencer Actor, They Call Me Trinity
8. Candy Barr Actress, Smart Alec
9. Charles Russell Actor, Inner Sanctum
10. Chubby Johnson Actor, Calamity Jane
11. Clara Kimball Young Actress, Eyes of Youth
12. Daniel Mann Director, BUtterfield 8
13. Delbert Mann Director, Marty
14. Dorothy Dalton Actress, Moran of the Lady Letty
15. Edward Small Producer, Kansas City Confidential
16. Ellaline Terriss Actress, Land of Hope and Glory
17. Emilio Fernández Actor, The Wild Bunch
18. Fielder Cook Director, A Big Hand for the Little Lady
19. Frank Tuttle Director, This Gun for Hire
20. Gilbert Parker Writer, A Wise Fool
21. Gretchen Mol Actress, Rounders
22. Hall Caine Writer, The Manxman
23. Harry Langdon Actor, The Strong Man
24. Henry Hull Actor, Lifeboat
25. J.B. Warner Actor, Big Stakes
26. Jocelyn Brando Actress, The Big Heat
27. Karl Struss Cinematographer, The Great Dictator
28. Katy Jurado Actress, High Noon
29. Ken Hughes Writer, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
30. Larry Buchanan Director, Mars Needs Women
31. Lavrenti Beria Uncategorised
32. Lewis J. Selznick Miscellaneous Crew, A Pair of Silk Stockings
33. Lois Weber Director, Suspense
34. Louis Lepke Uncategorised
35. Marion Fairfax Writer, The Secret Game
36. Maurice Tourneur Director, The Last of the Mohicans
37. Michael Wilding Actor, In Which We Serve
38. Morris R. Schlank Producer, Code of the Range
39. Oscar Micheaux Writer, Body and Soul
40. Richard Lester Director, Superman II
41. Sol Polito Cinematographer, Arsenic and Old Lace
42. Stepin Fetchit Actor, Bend of the River
43. Stuart Margolin Actor, Days of Heaven
44. Tony Gaudio Cinematographer, The Adventures of Robin Hood
45. Walter Hampden Actor, Sabrina
46. William A. Wellman Director, A Star Is Born
47. Zoe Akins Writer, How to Marry a Millionaire
47 names.