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1. A.B. Conkwright Actor, Brave and Bold
2. Albert Richard Wetjen Writer, Way for a Sailor
3. Alexander Kirkland Actor, A Face in the Crowd
4. Alfred E. Gold Camera and Electrical Department, Hindenburg Disaster Newsreel Footage
5. Allan Eugene Updegraff Writer, Second Youth
6. Anna Alice Chapin Writer, Babes in Toyland
7. Arnold Reeves Writer, The Shepherd King
8. Arthur Richman Writer, The Awful Truth
9. Arthur Somers Roche Writer, Penthouse
10. Austin C. Kyle Actor, The Shooting of Dan McGrew
11. Bart Kennedy Writer, A Sailor Tramp
12. Bartlett Cormack Writer, Fury
13. Basil King Writer, Earthbound
14. Ben Ryan Soundtrack, Donnie Brasco
15. Boyd Marshall Actor, The Marvelous Marathoner
16. Brewster Morgan Producer, Real Doll
17. Cameron Rogers Writer, White Banners
18. Carl Erickson Writer, Mystery of the Wax Museum
19. Carlton Miles Writer, Ladies They Talk About
20. Caroline Francke Writer, Bombshell
21. Charles Battell Loomis Writer, Friday the 13th
22. Charles E. van Loan Writer, Buck Parvin in the Movies
23. Charles J. McGuirk Writer, Harmony at Home
24. Chester Withey Actor, Sunshine Dad
25. Clara Lipman Writer, The Sins of the Children
26. Colin Clements Writer, Call of the West
27. Cortland Fitzsimmons Writer, All-American Co-Ed
28. Cynthia Stockley Writer, The Claw
29. David Christie Murray Writer, The Penniless Millionaire
30. David Freedman Writer, Ziegfeld Follies
31. David Karsner Writer, Silver Dollar
32. Dorothea Brande Writer, Wake Up and Live
33. Douglas Durkin Writer, Union Depot
34. E.V. Durling Writer, Manhattan Madness
35. Edmond Rostand Writer, Cyrano de Bergerac
36. Edward M. Alfriend Writer, The Great Diamond Robbery
37. Edward Noyes Wescott Writer, David Harum
38. Edwin J. Burke Writer, Bright Eyes
39. Elliott White Springs Writer, Body and Soul
40. Emerson Bennett Writer, The Forest Rose
41. Ernest Booth Writer, Men of San Quentin
42. Ethel Pettit Writer, The Rich Are Always with Us
43. Eugene Manlove Rhodes Writer, Four Faces West
44. Eugene Sanger Director, The Gray of the Dawn
45. Evangeline W. Andrews Writer, The Puritans
46. Frances Hyland Writer, The Cheaters
47. Frances Nordstrom Writer, Dame Chance
48. Frank Kugler Cinematographer, Life
49. Frank Richardson Pierce Writer, Dead Man's Curve
50. Frederic Arnold Kummer Writer, The Belgian
51. Frederick Hazlitt Brennan Writer, Always
52. G.B. Lancaster Writer, Rider of the Law
53. George Arthur Gray Writer, Hawk of the Hills
54. George Fitch Writer, Those Were the Days!
55. George Hembert Westley Writer, The House of Rothschild
56. George P. Skouras Producer, South Pacific
57. George Randolph Chester Writer, Dead Men Tell No Tales
58. George Seldes Actor, Reds
59. Gertrude Tonkonogy Writer, Three Cornered Moon
60. Gilbert Seldes Writer, This Is America
61. Gordon Zahler Music Department, Plan 9 from Outer Space
62. Grace Duffie Boylan Writer, A Rumor of Angels
63. Harry Breen Actor, A Dog Catcher's Love
64. Harvey S. Haislip Writer, Flight Command
65. Henry Kitchell Webster Writer, What Fools Men
66. Henry La Cossit Writer, Night Ride
67. Herbert Quick Writer, Double Trouble
68. Herman Goldberg Writer, Studio One in Hollywood
69. Herman Whitaker Writer, 3 Bad Men
70. Hobart C. Chatfield-Taylor Writer, The Crimson Wing
71. Holworthy Hall Writer, The Valiant
72. Honore Morrow Writer, Seven Alone
73. Ilya Zorn Writer, Ladies Love Danger
74. Irene Lee Diamond Self, You Must Remember This: A Tribute to 'Casablanca'
75. J. Chauncey Brainerd Writer, Too Many Crooks
76. J.E. Grinstead Writer, Sunset of Power
77. J.G. Mayer Self, The Candid Camera Story (Very Candid) of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures 1937 Convention
78. Jack Barnett Cinematographer, The Pied Piper of Cleveland: A Day in the Life of a Famous Disc Jockey
79. Jack Bechdolt Writer, Little Boy with a Big Horn
80. James B. Hendryx Writer, The Texan
81. Jerome N. Wilson Writer, Exclusive Rights
82. Joel Sayre Writer, Gunga Din
83. John H. Ayers Writer, Bureau of Missing Persons
84. John Lynch Writer, The Rejected Woman
85. John M. Snyder Writer, As Ye Sow
86. Johnny Black Soundtrack, Hugo
87. Joseph T. Rucker Cinematographer, With Byrd at the South Pole
88. Karl Sloboda Writer, Infernal Machine
89. Katharine Brush Writer, Red-Headed Woman
90. Kenneth Perkins Writer, Ride Him, Cowboy
91. Laurence Kirk Writer, Stand by for Action
92. Lawrence G. Blochman Writer, Quiet Please: Murder
93. Lawrence Grant Actor, Shanghai Express
94. Lee Zahler Music Department, The Three Musketeers
95. Leete Renick Brown Writer, The Thoroughbred
96. Lennox Robinson Writer, The Whiteheaded Boy
97. Leon De Costa Writer, San Francisco Nights
98. Leon G. Turrou Writer, Confessions of a Nazi Spy
99. Lois Buel Writer, Manhattan Butterfly
100. M.M. Musselman Writer, The Bride Came C.O.D.
1-100 of 156 names.