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1. Addison Randall Actor, Where the West Begins
2. Al Bridge Actor, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
3. Al Hoxie Actor, Red Blood
4. Alan Roscoe Actor, The Last of the Mohicans
5. Albert Austin Actor, The Immigrant
6. Alfonso Bedoya Actor, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
7. Alma Rubens Actress, Humoresque
8. Andy Devine Actor, Stagecoach
9. Angela Lansbury Actress, Beauty and the Beast
10. Arnold Kent Actor, Brinneso!
11. Arthur Hunnicutt Actor, El Dorado
12. Asta Nielsen Actress, The Joyless Street
13. Avery Hopwood Writer, Gold Diggers of 1933
14. Bartolomeo Pagano Actor, Maciste in Hell
15. Basil Macdonald Hastings Writer, That Sort
16. Beatrice Pearson Actress, Lost Boundaries
17. Bela Sekely Writer, A Certain Young Man
18. Ben Hall Actor, Algiers
19. Ben Welden Actor, The Fighting Seabees
20. Bert Remsen Actor, The Bodyguard
21. Beth Slater Whitson Soundtrack, Out of Sight
22. Binnie Barnes Actress, The Trouble with Angels
23. Bob Nolan Soundtrack, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
24. Bob Steele Actor, The Big Sleep
25. Brad Dexter Actor, The Magnificent Seven
26. Brian Keith Actor, The Parent Trap
27. Buck Jones Actor, The Gunman from Bodie
28. Budd Boetticher Director, Seven Men from Now
29. Burt Kennedy Director, The Train Robbers
30. Camille Bert Actor, The Lower Depths
31. Carl Betz Actor, The Dead Man/The Housekeeper
32. Carleton Young Actor, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
33. Cecil Owen Actor, The Girl by the Roadside
34. Charles Bickford Actor, A Star Is Born
35. Charles Ray Actor, The Busher
36. Chill Wills Actor, Giant
37. Chuck Hayward Stunts, The Blues Brothers
38. Chuck Roberson Actor, The Big Country
39. Cliff Lyons Stunts, The Train Robbers
40. Clyde Ventura Actor, Obsession
41. Coral Browne Actress, Auntie Mame
42. Cornel Wilde Actor, The Naked Prey
43. Dale Evans Actress, Bells of San Angelo
44. Danny Borzage Actor, Mister Roberts
45. David 'Tex' Hill Self, History Undercover: The True Story of the Black Sheep Squadron
46. David Garfield Editor, The Karate Kid, Part II
47. David Garfield Actor, Loving
48. David White Actor, The Apartment
49. Delos V. Smith Jr. Actor, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
50. Dennis Arundell Actor, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
51. Dennis Crosby Actor, Sergeants 3
52. Dewey Martin Actor, The Thing from Another World
53. Dick Foran Actor, The Petrified Forest
54. Dick Manning Soundtrack, Ocean's Eleven
55. Dickie Jones Actor, Nancy Drew... Reporter
56. Don Adams Actor, The Nude Bomb
57. Don Beddoe Actor, The Night of the Hunter
58. Dustin Farnum Actor, The Squaw Man
59. Dustine Farnum Actress, Bar 20
60. Eddie Craven Actor, The Gilded Lily
61. Eddie Foy Actor, A Favorite Fool
62. Eddie Saeta Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Brian's Song
63. Edward Connelly Actor, The Saphead
64. Edward J. Heim Make-Up Department, Episode dated 27 March 1991
65. Edwina Booth Actress, Trader Horn
66. Elisha Cook Jr. Actor, Rosemary's Baby
67. Elizabeth Threatt Actress, The Big Sky
68. Ellanora Needles Actress, Leather Burners
69. Ellen Terry Actress, Potter's Clay
70. Emile Chautard Director, The Blind Sculptor
71. Emily Fitzroy Actress, The Bat
72. Eric Braeden Actor, Titanic
73. Erik Aaes Production Designer, Hunger
74. Eugène Lourié Art Director, Limelight
75. Felicity Kendal Actress, We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
76. Ferruccio Biancini Production Manager, L'isola del sogno
77. Ford Rainey Actor, Halloween II
78. Frances Marion Writer, The Champ
79. Frank Faylen Actor, It's a Wonderful Life
80. Frank Ferguson Actor, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
81. Frank Urson Director, Chicago
82. Frank Wilcox Actor, The Greatest Show on Earth
83. Fred Church Actor, The Prospector
84. Fred D. Scott Actor, Weird Science
85. Fred Kohler Actor, Underworld
86. Fuzzy Knight Actor, She Done Him Wrong
87. Gail Russell Actress, Angel and the Badman
88. George 'Gabby' Hayes Actor, Blue Steel
89. George Chesebro Actor, Wolfblood
90. George F. Slavin Writer, The Nevadan
91. George Fitzmaurice Director, The Son of the Sheik
92. George O'Brien Actor, Sunrise
93. George Reeves Writer, Crazy Times
94. George Tobias Actor, Sergeant York
95. Gerald C. Duffy Writer, Her Wild Oat
96. Gig Young Actor, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
97. Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Director, Alkali Ike's Auto
98. Gladys Ffolliott Actress, Old Bill Through the Ages
99. Gordon Scott Actor, Tarzan and the Trappers
100. Guy Madison Actor, 5 Against the House
1-100 of 295 names.