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1. A.B. Guthrie Jr. Writer, Shane
2. Abe Levitow Director, The Phantom Tollbooth
3. Abe Lyman Soundtrack, Mary Lou
4. Adolph Deutsch Composer, The Apartment
5. Adolph Zukor Producer, Beau Geste
6. Agnes Moorehead Actress, Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
7. Alain Romans Composer, Monsieur Hulot's Holiday
8. Alan Badel Actor, The Day of the Jackal
9. Alan Dinehart Actor, Supernatural
10. Alan Napier Actor, Marnie
11. Alan North Actor, Highlander
12. Alan Wheatley Actor, The Pickwick Papers
13. Albert Bassermann Actor, Foreign Correspondent
14. Alex North Music Department, Spartacus
15. Alexander Knox Actor, Wilson
16. Alexandre Trauner Art Director, The Apartment
17. Alexis Smith Actress, The Age of Innocence
18. Alfred Drayton Actor, The Squeaker
19. Alfred Santell Director, Winterset
20. Aline MacMahon Actress, One Way Passage
21. Alison Skipworth Actress, Madame Racketeer
22. Anatole Litvak Director, The Snake Pit
23. Andrew L. Stone Director, Julie
24. Andrew Marton Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Ben-Hur
25. Angela Browne Actress, The Prisoner
26. Ann Christy Actress, Speedy
27. Anne Darling Actress, Bride of Frankenstein
28. Anson Weeks Actor, Rhythm Inn
29. Anthony Bate Actor, Smiley's People
30. Anthony Dawson Actor, Dial M for Murder
31. Anthony Quayle Actor, Lawrence of Arabia
32. Anton Grot Art Director, The Sea Hawk
33. Antonio Moreno Actor, It
34. Arleen Whelan Actress, Kidnapped
35. Arlette Marchal Actress, Aux jardins de Murcie
36. Armida Actress, Border Romance
37. Art Mooney Actor, The Opposite Sex
38. Arthur Batanides Actor, Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
39. Arthur Dreifuss Director, Reg'lar Fellers
40. Arthur Hornblow Jr. Producer, Witness for the Prosecution
41. Arthur Hoyt Actor, It Happened One Night
42. Asta Actor, The Thin Man Goes Home
43. Aubrey Morris Actor, A Clockwork Orange
44. B.P. Schulberg Producer, Wings
45. Babe Russin Music Department, The Kovak Box
46. Barbara Murray Actress, Passport to Pimlico
47. Barnett Parker Actor, Marie Antoinette
48. Barry Foster Actor, Frenzy
49. Barton MacLane Actor, The Maltese Falcon
50. Basil Sydney Actor, The 3 Worlds of Gulliver
51. Bea Wain Soundtrack, One Hour Photo
52. Ben Carré Art Department, A Night at the Opera
53. Ben Frank Actor, Death Wish II
54. Ben Hardaway Director, The Egg Cracker Suite
55. Ben Washam Animation Department, The Bugs Bunny/Road-Runner Movie
56. Ben Webster Soundtrack, The Matrix Revolutions
57. Bennie Benjamin Soundtrack, Kill Bill: Vol. 1
58. Bernard Archard Actor, Krull
59. Bernard B. Brown Sound Department, The Invisible Man Returns
60. Bernard Fox Actor, Titanic
61. Bernard Robinson Production Designer, The Curse of Frankenstein
62. Bernhard Grzimek Director, Bambuti
63. Berry Kroeger Actor, Gun Crazy
64. Bert Granet Producer, The Torch
65. Bert Kalmar Writer, Duck Soup
66. Bert Shefter Music Department, Vampires Suck
67. Betty Blythe Actress, She
68. Betty Compson Actress, Mr. & Mrs. Smith
69. Betty Garde Actress, Caged
70. Betty Ross Clarke Actress, If I Were King
71. Bill Justice Animation Department, Peter Pan
72. Bill Tytla Animation Department, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
73. Billie Rhodes Actress, Miss Nobody
74. Billy Butterfield Actor, The Cider House Rules
75. Billy Franey Actor, When Damon Fell for Pythias
76. Billy Kyle Actor, When the Boys Meet the Girls
77. Billy Strayhorn Soundtrack, Glengarry Glen Ross
78. Bobby Byrne Actor, Follies Girl
79. Bonnie Cashin Costume Designer, Laura
80. Bonnie Lake Music Department, The Ann Sothern Show
81. Borden Chase Writer, Red River
82. Boris Leven Production Designer, West Side Story
83. Brad Johnson Actor, Bedtime for Bonzo
84. Brenda Forbes Actress, The Alcoa Hour
85. Brenda de Banzie Actress, Hobson's Choice
86. Bruce Purchase Actor, The Quatermass Conclusion
87. Bruce Seton Actor, Whisky Galore
88. Bryan Foy Producer, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I.
89. Buck Houghton Producer, The Wraith
90. Bud Freeman Soundtrack, Cinderella Man
91. C. Bakaleinikoff Music Department, Bride of Frankenstein
92. Cal Tjader Soundtrack, The Woman Chaser
93. Camilla Horn Actress, Faust
94. Carl Benton Reid Actor, In a Lonely Place
95. Carl Jules Weyl Art Director, The Adventures of Robin Hood
96. Carl Ravazza Self, The Colgate Comedy Hour
97. Carlyle Blackwell Actor, Bulldog Drummond
98. Carmen Cavallaro and His Orchestra Actor, Hollywood Canteen
99. Caroline John Actress, Love Actually
100. Carroll Clark Art Director, Mary Poppins
1-100 of 780 names.