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1. Edward Rebner

Music Department | Ringside

Wolfgang Edward Rebner was the son of violinist Adolph Rebner (1876-1967), who was a friend of composer Arnold Schoenberg and teacher of composer Paul Hindemith. Wolfgang Rebner left Germany in 1939 and pursued a career in Hollywood as a pianist. He often performed in Los Angeles for Peter Yates's ...

2. Eric Zeisl

Music Department | Shadows in Paradise: Hitler's Exiles in Hollywood

Composer and author Eric Zeisl entered the Vienna State Academy at fourteen years of age and was acclaimed as one of Austria's young compositional lights. In 1934 he won the Austrian State Prize for his music, but because of growing anti-Semitic pressures there he he was unable to secure a ...

3. Nilak Butler

Actor | The White Dawn

Nilak Butler was an Inuit born in Alaska. She was adopted by Archie and Alma McCormick, who gave her the name Kelly Jean McCormick. She was brought up in Tacoma, Washington, where she attended Adastra School for Giften Children. Her adopted mother, Alma, was principal of the private school in ...

4. Randy Whipple

Actor | My Mother the Car

After a successful career as a child actor, Whipple went to college, met his future wife Cindy, and never returned to acting. He worked as a news anchor at the Financial News Network in Los Angeles, and ended up in Eugene, Oregon, and the KVAL-TV evening news until 2001. Today, he is a successful ...

5. Walter Scharf

Music Department | Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Emmy- and Golden Globe-winner and ten-time Oscar-nominee Walter Scharf was born and raised in New York City, the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants. He started playing music at an early age, helping his uncle play the piano in theaters for silent films. His mother Bessie Zwerling was a well-known ...

5 names.