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1. 'Snub' Pollard Actor, Limelight
2. Abby Dalton Actress, The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent
3. Abraham Sofaer Actor, Quo Vadis
4. Adam Roarke Actor, Hells Angels on Wheels
5. Adam Wade Actor, Search for Tomorrow
6. Adele Jergens Actress, Ladies of the Chorus
7. Adele Mara Actress, Sands of Iwo Jima
8. Adolphe Menjou Actor, Paths of Glory
9. Alan Baxter Actor, Saboteur
10. Alan Reed Actor, Breakfast at Tiffany's
11. Alberto Sordi Actor, Il marchese del Grillo
12. Aldo Fabrizi Actor, Rome, Open City
13. Alex Cord Actor, Genesis II
14. Alex Nicol Actor, The Screaming Skull
15. Alex Rocco Actor, The Godfather
16. Alexander Scourby Actor, All My Children
17. Alice Ghostley Actress, The Graduate
18. Alice Pearce Actress, On the Town
19. Alida Valli Actress, The Third Man
20. Alison Steadman Actress, Life Is Sweet
21. Alla Nazimova Actress, Salomé
22. Allan Lane Actor, Stagecoach to Denver
23. Allan Nixon Actor, Mesa of Lost Women
24. Amanda Barrie Actress, Carry on Cleo
25. Amy Wright Actress, The Deer Hunter
26. Andrea Dromm Actress, The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming
27. Andrea Leeds Actress, Stage Door
28. Andrew Stevens Producer, The Boondock Saints
29. Andrew Tombes Actor, Meet John Doe
30. Andy Williams Self, Andy Williams and the NBC Kids Search for Santa
31. Angel Tompkins Actress, General Hospital
32. Ann Blyth Actress, Mildred Pierce
33. Ann Savage Actress, My Winnipeg
34. Anna Maria Alberghetti Self, Mr. Blackwell Presents
35. Anna Maria Ferrero Actress, Chronicle of Poor Lovers
36. Anna Moffo Self, Episode dated 19 December 1966
37. Anna Neagle Actress, Odette
38. Annabella Actress, Le Million
39. Anne Francis Actress, Forbidden Planet
40. Anne Gwynne Actress, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
41. Anne Heywood Actress, The Fox
42. Anne Jeffreys Actress, Dillinger
43. Anne Revere Actress, A Place in the Sun
44. Anne Seymour Actress, General Hospital
45. Anne Shirley Actress, Murder, My Sweet
46. Anne Vernon Actress, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
47. Annette Stroyberg Actress, Les liaisons dangereuses
48. Anthony George Actor, One Life to Live
49. Anton Walbrook Actor, La Ronde
50. Arline Judge Actress, The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
51. Arnold Stang Actor, Hercules in New York
52. Aron Kincaid Actor, The Proud and Damned
53. Arthur Hill Actor, The Andromeda Strain
54. Arthur O'Connell Actor, Anatomy of a Murder
55. Astrid Allwyn Actress, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
56. Audrey Totter Actress, The Set-Up
57. Avery Schreiber Actor, Robin Hood: Men in Tights
58. Baby Peggy Actress, Helen's Babies
59. Barbara Ann Teer Actress, A Carol for Another Christmas
60. Barbara Bates Actress, All About Eve
61. Barbara Britton Actress, One Life to Live
62. Barbara Colby Actress, Murder by the Book
63. Barbara Jo Allen Actress, Sleeping Beauty
64. Barbara Lang Actress, Party Girl
65. Barbara Loden Actress, Wanda
66. Barbara Lyon Self, Family Affair
67. Barbara McNair Actress, General Hospital
68. Barbara Nichols Actress, Sweet Smell of Success
69. Barbara Payton Actress, Bride of the Gorilla
70. Barbara Pepper Actress, Foreign Correspondent
71. Barbara Ruick Actress, Carousel
72. Barbara Rush Actress, When Worlds Collide
73. Barbara Sharma Actress, Con Air
74. Barbara Shelley Actress, Village of the Damned
75. Barbara Sukowa Actress, Europa
76. Barry Bostwick Actor, The Rocky Horror Picture Show
77. Barry Dennen Actor, The Shining
78. Barry Nelson Actor, The Shining
79. Barry Newman Actor, Vanishing Point
80. Barry Tubb Actor, Top Gun
81. Basil Radford Actor, The Lady Vanishes
82. Beatrice Lillie Self, Beatrice Lillie
83. Belinda Lee Actress, It Happened in '43
84. Belinda Montgomery Actress, TRON: Legacy
85. Belita Actress, Lady, Let's Dance!
86. Bella Darvi Actress, Hell and High Water
87. Ben Chaplin Actor, The Thin Red Line
88. Ben Lyon Actor, Hell's Angels
89. Ben Turpin Actor, Saps at Sea
90. Benay Venuta Actress, Annie Get Your Gun
91. Beryl Wallace Actress, The Kansan
92. Bethel Leslie Actress, All My Children
93. Betsy Blair Actress, Marty
94. Betsy von Furstenberg Actress, Another World
95. Betta St. John Actress, The Robe
96. Betty Field Actress, Picnic
97. Betty Jane Rhodes Actress, Stage Door
98. Betty Lynn Actress, Cheaper by the Dozen
99. Betty Thomas Director, Doctor Dolittle
100. Beverly D'Angelo Actress, American History X
1-100 of 1,239 names.