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1. Adele Farrington Actress, What Love Can Do
2. Alice Brady Actress, My Man Godfrey
3. Alice Faye Soundtrack, Yes Man
4. Alma Rubens Actress, The Rejected Woman
5. Andrea King Actress, The Beast with Five Fingers
6. Ann Sheridan Actress, Another World
7. Ann Sothern Actress, A Letter to Three Wives
8. Anna May Wong Actress, Shanghai Express
9. Anne Baxter Actress, All About Eve
10. Barbara La Marr Actress, The White Moth
11. Barbara Stanwyck Actress, Double Indemnity
12. Barbara Tennant Actress, M'Liss
13. Betty Grable Actress, How to Marry a Millionaire
14. Betty Hutton Actress, Annie Get Your Gun
15. Betty Lou Keim Actress, Some Came Running
16. Betty Nansen Actress, Anna Karenina
17. Beverly Wills Actress, Some Like It Hot
18. Billie Burke Actress, The Wizard of Oz
19. Blanche Ring Actress, The Yankee Girl
20. Brenda Currin Actress, In Cold Blood
21. Brigitte Bardot Actress, Contempt
22. Carmen Miranda Soundtrack, Radio Days
23. Carole Landis Actress, Topper Returns
24. Carole Lombard Actress, To Be or Not to Be
25. Claire Whitney Actress, The Chamber Mystery
26. Clara Blandick Actress, The Wizard of Oz
27. Clara Bow Actress, Wings
28. Claudette Colbert Actress, It Happened One Night
29. Cleo Moore Actress, One Girl's Confession
30. Colleen Moore Actress, Ella Cinders
31. Connie Gilchrist Actress, Long John Silver
32. Dana Plato Actress, Different Strokes
33. Deanna Durbin Soundtrack, Can't Help Singing
34. Diane Brewster Actress, The Young Philadelphians
35. Donna Reed Actress, It's a Wonderful Life
36. Dorothy Dandridge Actress, Carmen Jones
37. Dorothy Lamour Actress, Road to Bali
38. Edythe Chapman Actress, Beyond the Rocks
39. Eileen Percy Actress, Wild and Woolly
40. Elissa Landi Actress, After the Thin Man
41. Ellen Corby Actress, Vertigo
42. Emily Stevens Actress, The Place of the Honeymoons
43. Eugenie Besserer Actress, The Jazz Singer
44. Fay Wray Actress, King Kong
45. Flora Finch Actress, A Cure for Pokeritis
46. Fritzi Brunette Actress, The Woman Under Cover
47. Fritzi Jackson Uncategorised
48. Gail Kane Actress, Idle Hands
49. Gene Tierney Actress, Laura
50. Gertrude Olmstead Actress, The Boob
51. Ginger Rogers Actress, Top Hat
52. Gloria Grahame Actress, It's a Wonderful Life
53. Gloria Swanson Actress, Sunset Blvd.
54. Grace Kelly Actress, Rear Window
55. Greer Garson Actress, Mrs. Miniver
56. Greta Garbo Actress, Ninotchka
57. Greta Nissen Actress, The Lucky Lady
58. Hanni Weisse Actress, Vom Täter fehlt jede Spur
59. Heather Angel Actress, Peter Pan
60. Helen Twelvetrees Actress, The Painted Desert
61. Henny Porten Actress, Anna Boleyn
62. Irene Dunne Actress, Penny Serenade
63. Irene Fenwick Actress, The Sin Woman
64. Jackie Saunders Actress, Bab the Fixer
65. Jane Cowl Writer, Smilin' Through
66. Jane Gail Actress, Traffic in Souls
67. Jane Russell Actress, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
68. Janet Gaynor Actress, Sunrise
69. Jean Harlow Actress, The Public Enemy
70. Jeanne Crain Actress, State Fair
71. Jewel Carmen Actress, The Children in the House
72. Jill Esmond Actress, The Skin Game
73. Joan Bennett Actress, Father's Little Dividend
74. Joan Fontaine Actress, Rebecca
75. Joi Lansing Actress, Touch of Evil
76. June Caprice Actress, Unknown 274
77. June Collyer Actress, Hangman's House
78. June Haver Actress, Look for the Silver Lining
79. Kim Novak Actress, Vertigo
80. Lana Turner Actress, The Bad and the Beautiful
81. Lauren Bacall Actress, The Big Sleep
82. Lena Horne Self, That's Entertainment! III
83. Lenore Ulric Actress, Camille
84. Lillian Gish Actress, The Night of the Hunter
85. Lilyan Tashman Actress, Manhandled
86. Linda Darnell Actress, My Darling Clementine
87. Louise Brooks Actress, Pandora's Box
88. Louise Vale Actress, The Country Parson
89. Lupe Velez Actress, The Gaucho
90. Mabel Trunnelle Actress, The Master Passion
91. Madeline Kahn Actress, Young Frankenstein
92. Madlaine Traverse Actress, The Poor Little Rich Girl
93. Mady Christians Actress, Letter from an Unknown Woman
94. Mae West Soundtrack, I'm No Angel
95. Marguerite Clark Actress, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
96. Maria Montez Actress, Arabian Nights
97. Marian Nixon Actress, Captain Calamity
98. Marie Pavis Actress, Sunshine Sally
99. Marie Walcamp Actress, Where Are My Children?
100. Marilyn Monroe Soundtrack, Some Like It Hot
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