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1. A.C. Ross Producer, The Set Up
2. Aaron Houston Producer, Sunflower Hour
3. Adam Dyche Actor, Man in the Mirror
4. Adam Grossetti Writer, Low Life
5. Adam Linzey Director, Three from Every Two
6. Aidan Williams Miscellaneous Crew, The Living and the Dead
7. Alan Ritchson Actor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8. Aleksandr Sountsov Actor, The Good German
9. Alex Baranowski Composer, McCullin
10. Alex Brown Producer, Nemesis Game
11. Alex Levingston Stunts, Notes from the New World
12. Alexander Fiske-Harrison Actor, The Seer
13. Alexandra Wilson Actress, My Soul to Take
14. Alexis Notabartolo Actress, How to Be a Grown Up
15. Alicia Kaufman Actor, Grandad
16. Alison Newman Actress, EastEnders
17. Allen Markuze Miscellaneous Crew, Big Brother
18. Allyson Pratt Actress, Teenagers
19. Alma Har'el Director, Bombay Beach
20. Alun D. Pughe Director, Dark Static
21. Amanda Aday Actress, Pledge This!
22. Amber Aga Actress, Song of Songs
23. Amber Napthine Actress, Penguin
24. Amrita Acharia Actress, Game of Thrones
25. Andi Osho Actress, Kiri
26. Andie Anderson-Smith Actress, Triple Impact
27. Andrew Bear Actor, GPS: Gay Portable Sidekick
28. Andrew Ellis Actor, This Is England
29. Andrew Forbes Actor, Inner Joy of a Broken Heart
30. Andrew Kuchanny Cinematographer, Essayette
31. Andrew Weir Actor, Braveheart
32. Angela McHale Actress, The Catherine Tate Show
33. Angela Park Editor, Casting Shadows
34. Anna Paquin Actress, The Piano
35. Anna Shine Miscellaneous Crew, Lessons in Laughter
36. Anna Vincent Producer, Mother
37. Anna Waterhouse Writer, Race
38. Anthony Bayani Rodriguez Writer, Comrade Sunshine
39. Anthony R. Smith Director, My Name Is Phoebe
40. Anton King Producer, Lust for Love
41. Antoni Maiovvi Composer, Hangman
42. Antony De Liseo Actor, Night Wolf
43. April Pearson Actress, Skins
44. Arionel Vargas Actor, Love Tomorrow
45. Ashleigh Caldwell
46. Ashleigh Murdoch Sound Department, Disc of Love
47. Ashley Paige Self, Peace, Love & Bikinis!
48. Ashly Margaret Rae Actress, Never Forgot
49. Asif Kapadia Director, Amy
50. Ayumi Itô Actress, Fainaru fantajî sebun adobento chirudoren
51. Bali Padda Actor, Top of the Lake
52. Ben Dickson Actor, Dead House
53. Ben Provencial Composer, The Tales You Heard
54. Ben Scholfield Actor, What a Girl Wants
55. Benjamin Thomas Cowley Producer, Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire
56. Beth Ward Self, CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock
57. Bill Simmons Writer, Jimmy Kimmel Live!
58. Blair Bourassa Writer, A Dream On Fire
59. Blake Reading Miscellaneous Crew, Promised Land
60. Bob Cooper Producer, Amistad
61. Bob Holness Self, Blockbusters
62. Bob Mori Editor, Pulse
63. Bobby Bowden Self, A Gift of Love: The Daniel Huffman Story
64. Brad Hoffarth Cinematographer, Sister's Fire
65. Brad Lee Wind Actor, The Odd Couple
66. Braylin De'Vacko
67. Brendan Foley Writer, The Riddle
68. Brendan James Coote Camera and Electrical Department, Sustain
69. Brendon Berg Actor, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
70. Brentavian L. Smith
71. Brian DeCubellis Producer, Manhattan Night
72. Brian Nolen Actor, Dalton's Reward
73. Bridie Carter Actress, McLeod's Daughters
74. Bridie Latona Actress, Bridge Over Blue
75. Byron Conrad Erwin Cinematographer, Mr. Snuggles
76. C.A. Cooper Writer, The Snare
77. C.J. Actress, Euro Girl Tour
78. Caitlin E.J. Meyer Actress, The Christmas Project
79. Caleigh Canter Actress, Degenerates
80. Cameron Bigelow Actor, Vigorish Debts
81. Cameron Manion Editor, Siren
82. Carleen Melaugh Actress, Bram Stoker agus Dracula
83. Carlos Urban Director, No juegan
84. Carolyn Aquino Actress, Feo de día, lindo de noche
85. Carrie Wheeler Producer, The Foursome
86. Casey P. Chinn Editor, Confidence
87. Catherine Glen Actress, Deja Vu Deja Vu
88. Chad Brewer Camera and Electrical Department, The Dark Knight Rises
89. Chad Luckhoff Miscellaneous Crew, The Race-ist
90. Charlie Beazley-Clarke
91. Charlie Eva Actor, Promoted to Glory
92. Cheng Ah Writer, The Assassin
93. Chris Bowe Actor, Loose End
94. Chris Bridger Director, Batman 20 Years On
95. Chris Murray Producer, Pros and Ex-Cons
96. Christine Philip Self, The Daily Show
97. Christoffer Nelwan Actor, Marmut Merah Jambu
98. Christopher Fosh Actor, We Still Steal the Old Way
99. Christopher Guinness Director, Pothound
100. Christopher Jolley Writer, Essex Boys: Law of Survival
1-100 of 516 names.