Star Wars (1977)

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Jonathan Capps

                     "Star Wars" Trilogy Special Edition 
                       A film review by Jonathan Capps
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I don't think many people realize this, but the Star Wars Trilogy was all one script. They were all written way before the trilogy. They were one script, but when George Lucas made the first movie, he realized the script was way too long. So he took the first 1/3 of the script, expanded it, and made it into Star Wars: A New Hope. He took the next 1/3, expanded it, and made Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He took the last 1/3, expanded it and made Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Then the Star Wars Triolgy was complete.

George Lucas was never happy with the first film because he felt it never had his full creative vision. When he made the third one, he realized he needed to put Jabba the Hut back into the original. Return of the Jedi is NOT a remake of the A New Hope. It was all one script originally. What is a remake of the first is A New Hope Special Edition.

A New Hope Special Edition is a great movie. There's 4 minutes of new footage and a new THX soundtrack was added. Empire Strikes Back Special Edition and Return of the Jedi Special Edition are also great films. The new scenes are clever, funny, and innovative. Especially on RotJ when they add the celebrations of the empire's defeat on Cloud City, Mos Eisley, and then the Imperial Capital, Coruscant. They added a new Ewok song as well.

I really enjoyed the Special Editions. I've seen A New Hope twice. I've seen The Empire Strikes Back three times. I've seen Return of the Jedi twice. (I hope to see it once more.)

The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition is a great 20th anniversery gift. If you've only seen them on the little screen, you haven't seen them at all. If you havn't gone and seen them on the big screen, I advise you to go. Please see'll be glad you did. I promise!

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