The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991)

reviewed by
Randy Parker

                    NAKED GUN: 2-1/2: THE SMELL OF FEAR
                       A film review by Randy Parker
                        Copyright 1996 Randy Parker
RATING:  **1/2  (out of ****)
(Review written in 1991)

NAKED GUN 2-1/2 is more of the same from the Zucker brothers. And while the same is still sufficiently funny, it's hard not to yearn for some new tricks from these old comedy dogs. David and Jerry Zucker are just coasting on their proven Airplane formula of piling silliness upon stupidity. The laughs are still there, but considering that these guys could make 100 of these films in their sleep, you can't help wondering what the point is. Where's the challenge? Where's the film's creative spark? A few of the sight gags are extremely creative, including a hilarious pot shot at Michael Dukakis. But, for the most part, the sameness of the moronic humor has made the jokes bland. The result: 2-1/2 is difficult to distinguish from the Zuckers' previous efforts, including the original NAKED GUN. And yet, when a movie makes you laugh about once every 30 seconds, it's hard, and unfair, to complain too strenuously.

Randy Parker

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