Cloverfield (2008)

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Directed by J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves
Running Time: 95 mins.

It is more than likely that you will have reservations about this film once you've seen it. At least that was my feeling when I saw this newest scifi release "Cloverfield" from directors J. J. Abrams, and Matt Reeves. After the film was over I did see some handclapping from members of the audience who obviously found this movie enjoyable. After watching this new sci-fi release I was" immediately reminded of another interesting horror movie entitled "The Blair witch Project" I say that because of the camera footages of people moving quickly along with a series of tapped sessions of friends gathering together. In "Cloverfield" we see the same thing friends making video tapings of each other at a party, and on the streets and most sadly the images are taken in the last moments of their lives before they encounter a hideous alien monster and its siblings that invade New York City.

All of the actors in this movie are unknown, and certainly don't deliver the best performances, however, "Cloverfield" is a movie that works quite well because of its enormous special effects, and sound effects along with a look-see at the creature and its siblings. And its very realistic looking destruction it causes in the city. Most noticeable is the scene of the head of Statue of Liberty getting tossed about the streets by the invading monster.

"Cloverfield" is also noticeable and heart touching because of its focus on a group of young adults who video tape their last hours on earth before encountering a monster that invades earth. And the thundering pounding sounds of a monster knocking down buildings, and pulling people apart along with a group of multiple legged stomach turning creatures that accompanies it and completes that same task of mayhem and destruction. That's pretty much it to this film. "Cloverfield" is your typical monster flick that manages to distinguish itself with a slightly odd twist of modernism.

What is also enjoyable about this film, as I mentioned earlier, are the excellent sound and special effects, the sight of an unusual looking monster, and its accomplices. This film manages to dull your interest at its onset, and suddenly pulls you in midway keeping your interest to the very end.

It is unpredictable how "Cloverfield" will fare at the box office but audiences can look forward to an entertaining monster flick with good direction by J. J. Abbrams, and Matt Reeves to say the least.

Reviewed by Lisa Smith
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