Dumb & Dumber (1994)

reviewed by
Andrew Abramson

                                DUMB AND DUMBER
                       A film review by Andrew Abramson
                        Copyright 1995 Andrew Abramson

Starring: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels

DUMB AND DUMBER was pretty good. It wasn't as good as Jim Carrey's first movie, ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE, but it was better than his second, THE MASK. Carrey plays Llyod Christmas, a really dumb person who is poor, and goes across the country to return a suitcase to a woman who he brought to the airport, but little does he know, the suitcase was meant to be left there because it was full of money that the woman put there to pay off someone who kidnapped her husband. Daniels (Speed) plays Carrey's friend who goes across the country (to aspen) with him. They bring the suitcase, not opening it because Carrey doesn't think that's polite. By the time they reach Aspen, there poor and out of money. So Daniels is so fed up that he decides to open the suitcase. But Carrey jumps on top of him trying to stop him, but it flies open and they see all the money. So Carrey says "Let's just borrow a little." Well, they borrow just a tad bit more than they said. They take the whole thing. After that, there living large!! An awesome car, the richest hotel around, weird suits, about the best they can get. So they find the girl, but little does she know they have the suitcase. Until finally Carrey tells her and when she opens it, there's no money. Just little papers that say I.O.U. 1 thousand dollars, or I.O.U. 20,000 thousand dollars.

What keeps the money going, is the dumb things they do. It's about the dumbest humor you can get. Toilet humor!! If you thought some of the thing's Carrey did in ACE VENTURA was stupid or sick, DUMB AND DUMBER is *not* the movie for you.

Andrew Abramson/Predator@bcfreenet

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