The World Is Not Enough (1999)

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Indra Moeljadi

The World Is Not Enough a.k.a. James Bond XIX

Well, another James Bond movie. Still with Pierce Brosnan, but this time with Sophie Marceau and Denise Richards making it to the well-known Bond-girls list. A James Bond movie isn't a James Bond movie without these elements: explosions, beautiful babe, James driving a car, Q's gadgets, casino scene, Martini "shaken not stirred", another beautiful babe, guns, dangerous action, bombs, an a whacky villain. And it's the same with this one. It has all those elements, so it's a complete JB-movie.

If you have seen the last JB movies, especially those with Pierce Brosnan, than the plot is much or less the same. Only this time, M (James' boss) gets involved personally. Actually I don't feel like telling you the plot, because a James Bond movie always have the same plot.

The opening scene was cool, because of the shots of the Millenium Dome. And a lot of other action scenes, but at some point I experienced some dejavu, like I already saw that stunt in an earlier JB. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. In any case, the name is still "Bond, James Bond".

If you're a big JB fan then go. Why bother reading this review anyway? If you're not a big fan, go see it if you have spare time and money, which most of you have on Christmas anyway. But if you hate this guy, then don't go.

After I saw this movie, I was walking to my car. In the background Annie Lennox was singing "Hey, hey, I saved the world today...". In my opinion, that song would have been way way better than Garbage.

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