Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! (1991)

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Brian L. Johnson

                       KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK!
                       A film review by Ken Johnson
                        Copyright 1992 Ken Johnson

This review is part three of a series which, in order, includes ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES, RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES: THE SEQUEL, and KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK!.

88 min., not rated, Comedy, 1990 Director: John De Bello Cast: Rick Rockwell, Crystal Carson, Steve Lundquist, John Witherspoon, John Astin, Kevin West, "Rock" Peace, John De Bello, Charlie Jones

Rick Rockwell is a cop working for "Rock" Peace, a veteran of the two tomato wars. He doesn't see the danger that exists with having tomatoes around. Scientist Crystal Carson is attacked by tomatoes and goes to Rockwell for help. He thinks it is a joke, but the two along with Fuzzy Tomato (from RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES: THE SEQUEL), discover that the evil doctor Austin, who is impersonating the host of a talk show called Geranahue (a stupid pun), plans to help tomatoes take over the world.

KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK! is the sequel to the film RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES: THE SEQUEL. KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK! is a pathetic excuse for a movie, but is not quite as bad as the original, ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES. The production values look higher, but the jokes are just as lame. Some of the actors are better than the original but not much. On a scale of zero to five, I give KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK! a one. KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK! is not rated but contains adult situations.

The best part of this film was the tomatoes. They looked rather cute, although I don't think that they were supposed to, and seemed to do a better job than the actors. Then again, they were probably easier to train than the actors. For the most part the actors do a horrible job. The two that I thought put in rather good performances were John Astin, from the television show "The Addams Family" (not the movie), and Charlie Jones. John Astin is great as the evil professor Gangrene. He has an evil crazy appearance that makes his role totally believable. If it wasn't for him and the tomatoes this film would have been a total loss. Charlie Jones, who only has a cameo in this film, is funny as the master of disguise. Crystal Carson, although she looks good, shows no acting ability and the scene with her in the shower is completely stupid. "Rock" Peace, who plays the tomato basher dude also shows no acting ability at all and I have no clue as to why he keeps getting called back for the role. Couldn't they find anybody else who could do a better job?

I feel even fans of camp films will find this one horrible and a waste of time. I can't recommend this film to anybody unless you found ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES to be a wonderful film, and if you did I feel sorry for you. If you must see this film convince a friend to see it and get him or her to rent it so you won't waste any money.

One last note, at the beginning of the video cassette, for KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK! there is an ad for part four of the Tomatoes trilogy (yes, I catch the joke) called KILLER TOMATOES EAT FRANCE, which may or may not really exist. If it does, it looks like it will be as bad as KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK! If I ever find it on video cassette I will write a review on it and tell you what I thought of it. I would appreciate any comments on it if anybody has already seen it (the copyright notice on the ad was 1991 so it probably would already be on video cassette if it actually exists).

Ken J.

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