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Favorite franchise finale Some movies were made in order to end franchises. Which movie ended it's franchise the best?
Movie/TV Scenes in the Snow When you think of snow in the movies and television, which type of image first comes to mind? The romantically-inclined, criminally-inclined, or those with child-like wonderment probably all see somet…
What's the Worst Possible Experience You Could Have in the Snow Well, it's Winter and it's snowing. That's great, right? I mean, what's the worst thing that could happen? You can see the board here.
Movie wo/man in a mask Which of these mask wearing move characters looks the coolest in their mask? Dicuss Here
Raising some Eyebrows Which of these male actors would win the "Coolest Eyebrow-Raising" Contest? Discuss here
Favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt Film? Of these films, which is your Favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt work? This does not include his TV work, short films, voice work or video game work. Discuss this list at…
Which of these Sailors is the Best Role Model Out of a variety of nautical figures from a selection of different movies and TV shows, who would you think sets the best example by which to follow? You can discuss the poll here
Colourful Characters Which of these movie characters with a colour in their name is your favourite? Discuss here
IF/THEN Movie Quotes Which of these if/then movie quotes do you remember most? Discuss here
Natural Disasters! Which Natural Disaster would you most fear if it were to happen to you? Discuss your fear here
Best "Best Picture" 2000-2009 What was the "best of the best" Best Picture of this decade? Discuss this poll at
The Ultimate Chick Flick? A chick flick is a film about a girl/girls made for girls. Which of these films comes closest to your idea of the ultimate chick flick? Discuss here
Best Depiction of the 1980s in Recent Film Which of these films made 2000 or later depict the 1980s the best? Discuss here
I want to hook up my mind to... Poll reprise: Discuss this poll at:
Movie adaptations the author disliked All of these films were not best appreciated by the authors of their original pieces of work (novel/play) - Whether it's because you've read the book, or seen he original play in action and it's compl…
Which 'Lord of the Rings' BOOK character would have been an interesting addition to the movie adaptations? Listed are the characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings, who have not appeared in Peter Jackson's 2001-2003 movie trilogy. Which character would have been an interesting addition t…
They do run run... Which of these movie/TV runners is your favorite? Discuss here
Coolest Looking Hooded Character Which hooded character do you think looks the coolest? Discuss Here -
Which Movie or Series Has the Most Ridiculous Fanboys? Which film or television series has the most ridiculous, over-the-top, annoying fanboys? Which fanboys do you want to tell to shut up and get a life? Discuss this list here:…
Friday Face-Off : Underworld Series Vs. Twilight Series Which movie series about fighting between Werewolves & Vampires is your favorite? Discuss
Seeing Red Movies with "Red" in the title. Which is your favorite?
Top 35 "Simpsons" movie-referencing quotes ... Just as we, IMDb users, talk about movies every once in a while, so did most Simpsons' characters... and for our greatest delight. Here is a compilation of 35 quotes from the most quotable show of all…
Favorite Angela Lansbury performance? Angela Lansbury will receive an Honorary Oscar this November. What is your favorite Lansbury performance in movies or TV? Discuss this poll here
Best Beach Scene? Discuss the list here
Best Movie with Runtime below 90 Minutes? Instead of watching 3 hours long a masterpiece film (some of us don't have such a energy to do that), which movie do think is the best for "limited" running time below 90 minutes? (Original …
Which fitness fanatic could inspire you... ... to put down the popcorn and get into shape? After all it is world health day (Mon 2014 Apr 07). Note - They're not all shown to be fitness fanatics but clearly are very fit. Discuss here
Forbes Fictional 15's Forbes create a rich list every year, counting down the richest people in the world, since 2006, every year, they've created a fictional rich list comprising of 15 characters, which of these character…
Most Giftable Movie Series? From the top 25 grossing film series of all times, which character's box set are you most likely to give someone as a Christmas/birthday/other occasion gift this year? Note: Iron Man was listed on th…
Best R-Rated Oscar winning movie? So far, what is your favorite R-Rated Best Picture Oscar winning film? Reprising a poll from 2007 Discuss this poll here
Claustrophics...STAY AWAY! Which of these films set in a confined space would you most hate to be trapped in? Discuss the list here
Life on a Submarine Which of these movies do you think gives the best depiction of life on a submarine? Discuss the list here.
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Which movie portrays modern warfare the best & most realistic? Discuss here
Most Charming Sci-Fi Anti Heroes It often takes charm to win the audience over as a sci-fi anti hero. Which one of these characters do you consider to be the most charming? Discuss the list here.
I can't sleep! Who is your favorite Insomniac character? Discuss Here -
Favorite blockbuster-in-the-water Which of these highly successful ocean/water-themed films is your favorite?
Book-Film Franchise Universes You Want To Live In: Which of these series' universes would you want to live in? Discuss the list here
I would crack under pressure if interrogated by... from a 2010 Poll Discuss here
Favorite movie(s) adapted from Young Adult books? Adapting movies from Young Adult books has become an unstoppable juggernaut. Just this weekend Divergent blew all other newly released films out of the water at the box office. Which of these movies o…
Classic Clothing - Movie Heroes! All of these heroes are well known for their outfit, and items/gadgets that go with them, which of these outfits is the most iconic? Discuss Here
Favorite Quote Beginning With 'Let's'? Which is your favorite quote Beginning With 'Let's'? Discuss Here -
Movie Villains Played by Brits and the Irish Those from the British Isles always wind up playing Hollywood villains, maybe it's the accents? Anyway pretend you're the 'hero' of our story, which of these British played villains would you least li…
Films their stars disliked All of these films were disliked by the actors and actresses that starred in them, which of these is the most surprising? Discuss here
Shoot the Moon! which movie with "moon" in the title is your favorite?
Fantasy Movie Hook-ups The most interesting human + fantasy-character movie romance happens between... Discuss here
Combat-ready Renners Which of these primed-for-combat film characters played by actor Jeremy Renner is your favorite? Discuss here
What's The Most Powerful Ending to a War Movie? Many war films have powerful meanings, but one of the most important components to any film is the ending. Some films manage to have a very unique or memorable ending to them, and out of those icons, …
Futuristic Movie Cops Which one of these futuristic/Sci-Fi law-enforcement movie characters is your favorite? From a 2005 Poll Discuss here
So you're robbing a bank? Who would you LEAST WANT as a partner(s) in a bank robbery? Contemplate your criminal plans here:
Your Favorite Horror Icon Who is your favorite horror movie icon? Discuss the list here.
Favorite movie surfer? Which of these gnarly movie surfers is your favorite?
Top 25 classic 'written' movie quotes ... Cinema could do for many years without words spoken, at a time where the notion of 'memorable quote' barely existed. Even though times have changed, some quotes managed to penetrate collective memorie…
When life gives you lemons... What's your favorite 'when life gives you lemons' quote from this list? Discuss the list here
James Horner's Best Scores We have now had polls rating the best musical scores on film by composers John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman. In continuing this study of modern composers, let's examine James Horner. Horne…
The Hero plays the Villain... From this list of movie villains played by an actor who is usually cast as the hero, which one is your favorite?
Sweet Raspberries All of these films were nomitated in the worst picture category at the Razzie Awards. Of course, some of them have also been nominated at the Oscars, albeit in a different category. Which of these fil…
Hans Zimmer's Best Scores We have already had a poll rating the best musical scores on film by legendary composer John Williams. Now let's take a look at another great film composer of our time: Hans Zimmer. He has been co…
What's the Most Romantic Romance of the 21st Century? Discuss this poll at
Friday Face-Off: Team Tanner (Deep Impact) vs. Team Stamper (Armageddon) 1998 saw the release of the two movies Deep Impact (1998) and Armageddon (1998). Both had basically the same plot; a meteor is heading for Earth, and will wipe out all life upon impact. In order to sa…
Less Pics, More Text! Which Movie poster with less picture & more text looks most interesting? Discuss Here
I would NOT want to be the object of HER affection. (...or would I?) Discuss here
Best "American" movie Best movie with the title "American ___" or "An/The American ___", often indicating that the story or main character is something or someone distinctly or quintessentially "Am…