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Poll: Come again?

Which of these unintelligible movie characters do you enjoy most*?

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*someone who's speaking English but who is just difficult to understand, so someone like Chewbacca or Yen from Ocean's 11 wouldn't count.

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    Jive Lady

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    Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

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    Gabby Johnson

    played by Jack Starrett
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    Ennis Del Mar

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    Tim Briggs

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    played by Dustin Hoffman
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    Franck Eggelhoffer

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    Dr Gonzo

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    Johnny Kovak

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    Dorothy Parker

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    Pootie Tang

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    Buck McGeehy

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    Mickey O'Neil

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    played by Ewen Bremner
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    Jar Jar Binks

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    Fred Fenster

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    Inspector Kemp

    played by Kenneth Mars