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Poll: Which character from Star Trek (the original series) describes you at work?

Which character from the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek (the original series) best describes your position at work?

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    The person in charge, or the office lothario, or the guy who wears a toupee.
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    The no-nonsense member of management who is always most calm in a crisis, or the computer geek, or the guy with the funny shaped body parts.
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    Dr. McCoy

    The emotional person who always flys off the handle, or the person who often provides the comic relief, or the person who is most loyal to management.
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    Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott

    The mechanically minded person who is called on to fix things, or the person who puts the product/company before the people, or the guy who can drink everyone else under the table.
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    The adventurous one who always has a new hobby, or the token oriental guy.
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    Pavel Chekov

    The youngster in the office, or the one with the funny accent.
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    Lt. Nyota Uhura

    The good communicator, or the really hot female, or the token female in management, or the person who has always got something in their ear, or the token black woman.
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    Nurse Christine Chapel

    The woman who has the hots for one of the bosses (but he ignores her), or one of the top aides, or the person who got their job due to being related to the boss (note: the actress who played this role was the wife of the executive producer).
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    Yeoman Janice Rand

    The smoking hot secretarial type, or the first person on the chopping block when they have to fire somebody.
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    Lt. Leslie

    Representing all of the working stiffs who just fade into the background and do their job with little or no notice (note: this character appeared on 60 episodes).
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    Captain Christopher Pike

    Representing the former members of management who can't stay retired and keep popping back in, or the guy in a wheelchair, or the mentor.
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    Representing the "red shirts" (the security guards, the office drones who don't really matter, or the temp. workers who come and go).
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    Romulan Commander

    Representing the competition, or the people who disagree with management.
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    Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell

    The bosses best friend right after his promotion, or the guy who tries to take over and ends up getting sacked.
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    Commodore Decker

    The upper management/home office people or the old guy who gives dumb and outdated advice in a crisis.
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    Harcourt Fenton Mudd

    The Salesman or the con man or the smiling guy that makes people nervous.
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    (who also appeared in the original series episode "Space Seed). Representing the guy in the office who works out and is really buff, or the one who tries to overthrow the boss, or the one who tries to intimidate everyone with his power and strength of personality.