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Poll: 25 Oscar-winning villains ...

When supporting characters are not that 'supporting' ... when the leads become the personal antagonists to our own vision of justice and rightness ... or when the darkest sides of human soul inspire powerful and unforgettable perforamances earning the villain a final revenge by taking home the Oscar.

Which of these oscar-winning performances as a real-life of fictional villain is your favorite?

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(PS: the reason why some characters on the wrong side of the law are not included is that the poll mostly focusses on characters those vileness is not only clearly established but also significant to the plot, for instance, Michael Corleone might be a villain in "The Godfather Part II", but technically, Vito is still the 'good guy' in the first opus...)

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    Col. Hans Landa

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    The Joker

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    Anton Chigurh

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    Idi Amin

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    Daniel Plainview

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    Det. Alonzo Harris

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    Roger 'Verbal' Kint

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    Little Bill Daggett

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    Dr. Hannibal Lecter

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    Claus von Bülow

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    Annie Wilkes

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    Tommy DeVito

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    Gordon Gekko

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    Antonio Salieri

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    Diana Christensen

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    Nurse Ratched

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    Minnie Castevet

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    Rose-Ann D'Arcey

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    Boss Finley

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    Willie Stark

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    Judge Roy Bean

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    Mr. Edward Hyde