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Poll: Gender Swap! Classic male characters to be played by a woman?

With the news that Thor will be undertaking a drastic gender change from God, to Goddess which of these other classic male fictional characters would you most like to see gender swapped and be played by a woman? Discuss Here

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    Second Lieutenant Jamal P. Skywalker III

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    Atticus Finch

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    Captain America

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    Count Dracula in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein'

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    Frankenstein's Monster

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    Gordon Gekko

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    Dr. Hannibal Lecter

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    Harry Callahan

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    Indiana Jones

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    James Bond

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    Jack Ryan

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    Captain Jack Sparrow

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    The Joker

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    Don Juan Tenorio

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    King Kong

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    Max Rockatansky

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    Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds

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    Captain Nemo

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    Norman Bates

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    Philip Marlowe

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    Rick Blaine

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    Robin Hood

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    Santa Claus

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    Sherlock Holmes

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    The Terminator

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    Vito Corleone

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    Walter White

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    Willy Wonka

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    Winston Smith

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