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Poll: Which "New Girl" Character Do You Relate the Most To?

Of the 5 main "New Girl" characters, which one do you find yourself relating the most to?

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    Jess Day

    The quirky idealist - who is always trying to better the world, themselves, and those around them.
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    Nick Miller

    The one who doesn't live up to their potential - who is really sick of people calling them out on not living up to their potential.
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    The superficial ladies' man - who is rich, handsome and successful, but is most likely over-compensating for personal insecurities.
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    Winston Bishop

    The one with weird characteristics - who always seems to be in the background.
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    Cece Parekh

    The no-nonsense friend - who is beautiful and popular and has to put up with a lot of nonsense from their friends.