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Poll: Which TV Characters Do You Feel Most Sorry For ?

Some are being abused by their bosses and co-workers.. Some have a difficult life... Some have a really bad luck...

Which TV Characters Do You Feel Most Sorry For?

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    Jerry Gergich

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    Toby Flenderson

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    Al Bundy

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    George Costanza

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    Cliff Clavin

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    Jesse Pinkman

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    Margaret Thompson

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    Sansa Stark

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    Debra Morgan

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    John Locke

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    Mark Greene

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    Elena Gilbert

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    Sgt. Andy Sipowicz

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    Carl Otis Winslow

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    Rep. Peter Russo

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    Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri

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    Alan Harper

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    Charlie Runkle

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    Molly Hooper

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    Darrin Stephens

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    Milburn Drysdale

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    Peggy Olson

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    Pete Campbell