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Poll: Which of these Astronauts Is the Best Role Model?

Out of a variety of astronauts from various films and television who would you think sets the best example by which to follow?

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    Commander Adams

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    Kim Aldrich

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    Eleanor Arroway

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    Captain Charles T. Baker

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    Zoe Barnes

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    Sam Bell

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    Dr. Dave Bowman

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    Vincent Campbell

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    Robert Capa

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    James Corrigan

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    Frank Corvin

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    Jen Crane

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    John Crichton

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    Rosa Dasque

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    Dr. Alex Durant

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    Dr. Heywood Floyd

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    A.J. Frost

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    John Glenn

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    Hawk Hawkins

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    Matt Kowalski

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    Rebecca Lane

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    Jim Lovell

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    Jim McConnell

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    Captain Miller

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    Dr. Evram Mintz

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    Dr. Katya Petrovna

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    Dr. Frank Poole

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    Ellen Ripley

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    Elizabeth Shaw

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    Dr. Ryan Stone

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    George Taylor

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    Dr. William Weir