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Poll: Which Lost Character Are you?

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    Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes

    Are you... a lotery winner with very bad luck?
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    Desmond Hume

    Are you... going to see me in another life "brotha"?
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    James 'Sawyer' Ford

    Are you... a con master with good heart?
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    Jack Shephard

    Are you... a spinal surgeon with dad issues and problems to let go?
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    Kate Austen

    are you... a fugitive with a couple of corpses on your conscience?
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    John Locke

    Are you... on a wheel chair and you don't like to be told what you can't do?
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    Jin Kwon

    Are you... a devoted husband with a mobster father in law?
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    Ben Linus

    Are you... enjoying being beaten up so badly?
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    Sayid Jarrah

    Are you... a communications officer with some other dangerous skills?
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    Charlie Pace

    Are you... a bloody rock god?
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    Michael Dawson

    Are you... Screaming your son's name?
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    Claire Littleton

    Are you... travelling in your last month of pregnancy? Really?
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    Mr. Eko

    Are you... a drug dealer turned priest?
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    Richard Alpert

    Are you... really really old but really really good looking?
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    Ana Lucia Cortez

    Are you... going to let us out of this hole already?
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    Elizabeth 'Libby' Smith

    Are you... a mental patient turned into psychologist?
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    Boone Carlyle

    Are you... a Chief Operating Officer in a wedding business with a lovely sister?
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    Rose Nadler

    Are you... gonna make your husband live in the middle of nowhere?
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    Shannon Rutherford

    Are you... A very spoiled ballet instructor?
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    Daniel Faraday

    Are you... a quantum phisics worm hole time travelling know it all?
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    Frank Lapidus

    Are you... a pilot with drinking problems?
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    Juliet Burke

    Are you a... fertility doctor with an attitude towards your boss?
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    Miles Straume

    Are you... able to talk to dead people?
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    Charlotte Lewis

    Are you... trying to find home even though you've been told not to or you'd die?
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    Bernard Nadler

    Are you... always doing what your wife wants?