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    Lester Burnham

    ...and go flip burgers at local fast food joint to get over my mid-life crisis.
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    Wesley Gibson

    ...and follow in my father's footsteps as a highly skilled member of a "special interest" group.
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    Tyler Durden

    ...and start my own underground "special interest" group.
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    ...and unplug from this fake world to become the human race's savior (and learn kung fu)
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    Craig Schwartz

    ...and turn a portal to John Malkovich's head into a theme park ride.
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    ...and reconnect with my true calling (hopefully finding the TRUE love of my life in the process)
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    Peter Gibbons

    ...and do nothing (just to see if its everything I hope it can be)
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    Chris Gardner

    ...and start my own investment firm.
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    Natalie Keener

    ...and accept a better job offer in San Francisco.
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    Jerry Maguire

    ...and start my own sports agency.
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    William 'D-Fens' Foster

    ...and go home for my little girl's get out my way.

    (via emadel79)

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    Mr. Incredible

    ...and suit up for some old-school super hero action.
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    Wikus Van De Merwe

    ...and try to help some stranded aliens find their way back to their home planet.
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    Howard Beale

    ...and express on live Television that I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.
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    ...and start a revolution.
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    John Preston

    ...and just feel something (perhaps start a revolution too)
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    Vincent Freeman

    ...and rocket to outer space.
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    Chris McCandless

    ...and venture a walkabout across America (or any other continent)
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    Johnny Utah

    ...and go surfing (every day)
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    Theo Faron

    ...and escort a pregnant young lady to a place where she can safely give birth to the child who will restore hope for all of us.
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    Max Skinner

    ...and movie to a chateau/vineyard in France with a beautiful French girl who looks like Marion Cotillard.
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    Flipper Purify

    ...just to know that I tendered my resignation in style (Wesley Snipes in Jungle Fever (1991))
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    Linda Gergenblatt

    ...(and hubby George) and move to a free-love colony in the woods.
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    Benjamin Mee

    ...and buy a zoo.