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Poll: Super Heroes In Love

These Girls Make Marvel And DC Super Heroes Sigh, Which One Makes You?

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    Laurel Lance

    The Arrow Can't resist being away from her
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    Black Canary

    Laurel's sister also seems to allure him as well
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    Carol Ferris

    Is Green Lantern going to put a ring on her finger or what?
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    Vicki Vale

    One of many affairs of the Dark Knight
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    Deadly and irresistible, a dangerous combo for Batman
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    The definitive love of Bruce Waine?
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    Tata Escobar

    This one left a big scar in Gotham's Vigilante's heart
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    Lois Lane

    The Man of Steele has eyes only for her
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    Gwen Stacy

    With great boyfriend comes great risk
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    Mary Jane Watson

    Peter Parker's first love
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    No need for eyes to know she's unique
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    Peggy Carter

    The first Avenger and his Impossible love
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    Pepper Potts

    She managed to tame Iron Man
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    Francesco Moretti

    In the middle of a Love Triangle with Ciclops and Wolverine
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    The Iceman melts when she's on sight
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    Kitty Pryde

    Even mighty Collosus fell under her spell
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    Logan found some peace with her
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    Sue Storm

    Love And Marriage, They Go together like an Invisible Woman and Mister fantastic
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    Betty Ross

    The Beauty And The Hulk
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    Black Widow

    And Hawkeye bound t be together
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    Jane Foster

    The God's Bride
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    Dr. Chase Meridian

    The Ladies man Batman is incurable