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Poll: English Actors Playing American TV Characters

Which of these American TV characters played by English actors is your favorite?

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    Dr. Gregory House

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    Bill Compton

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    Al Swearengen

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    Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty

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    Dr. Olivia Benford

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    Agent Mark Benford

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    Wayne Malloy

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    Dahlia Malloy

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    Eli Stone

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    Rick Grimes

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    Sarah Connor

    as played by Lena Headey
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    Vivian Johnson

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    Nicholas Brody

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    Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles

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    Jackson 'Jax' Teller

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    Jaime Sommers

    as played by Michelle Ryan
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    Chuck Bass

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    Fiona Glenanne

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    Quentin Lance

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    Julia McNamara

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    Michael Caffee

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    Kevin Walker

    From Cardiff, Wales, UK...but we're including him on this list.
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    The Governor

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    Ok, she's an alien from another planet, but she does have an American accent.
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    Stahma Tarr

    Yes, alien from another planet, also sporting an American accent.
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    Will Graham

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    Norman Bates

    as played by Freddie Highmore
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    Gunnar Scott

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    Russell 'Stringer' Bell

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    Detective Kevin Corcoran

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    Philip Jennings

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    Martin Crane

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    Matt Murdock

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    Morgan Jones

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    Jesse Custer