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Poll: Who is the most memorable smuggler?

There are many movies about smuggling... everything from diamonds to drugs and moonshine to people. Of those, which smuggler is the most memorable?

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    Chris Farraday

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    Ray Eddy

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    Billy Hayes

    Billy Hayes in Midnight Express as played by Brad Davis
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    Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds

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    Alain Charnier

    Alain Charnier in The French Connection as played by Fernando Rey.
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    Jackie Brown

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    Han Solo

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    Tony Montana

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    Nancy Botwin

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    Auric Goldfinger

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    Private Pilot Abilene

    Pilot Abilene in Southland Tales as played by Justin Timberlake.
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    George Jung

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    Danny Archer

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    Frank Lucas

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    Dale Denton

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    Al Capone

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    Pablo Escobar as played by Benicio Del Toro.
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    Carmine Falcone

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    Tom Powers

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    Caesar Enrico Bandetto

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    Joe Lamont

    Joe Lamont in Winchester '73 as played by John McIntire.
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    Alice Marano

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    Darlene Davis

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    Helena Ayala

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    Charlie Croker

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    María Álvarez