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Poll: Worst Partner for an Egg Toss

A list of characters that would undoubtedly make you lose an egg toss.

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    Edward Scissorhands

    You can't catch or throw an egg with scissors for just can't.
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    The Hulk

    Hulk smash? You don't want to smash anything in an egg toss!
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    Mr. Magoo

    Don't know why the picture here is Seth McFarlane...but you now Mr. Magoo! The lovable little half blind old guy. He wouldn't even be able to see the egg!
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    Sheldon Cooper

    Sports aren't his thing. If you ever saw the Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon plays basketball you will know exactly why he shouldn't be throwing eggs.
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    Lloyd Christmas

    Would you trust man with anything?
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    Harry Dunne

    Might be a better contender than Lloyd, but unless the egg is hard boiled I wouldn't recommend partnering up with him.
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    Navin Johnson

    He doesn't have much going on he is pretty busy with those exploding cans.
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    Clark Griswold

    This man just cannot seem to do anything right and I doubt an egg toss would be anything different.
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    Clumsy is an understatement. He would scramble the egg before the first throw.
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    Mr. Bean

    He would probably end up playing with the egg and not throwing it at all.
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    Eugene Horowitz

    This Hey Arnold character is just so unlucky! Unlucky people do not win egg tosses.
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    He is overall just one clumsy Well whatever he is he is clumsy!
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    Lt. Frank Drebin

    He was funny in 'The Naked Gun,' but we were mostly laughing at his stupidity and clumsiness. Not egg toss material.
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    Homer Simpson

    mmmm egg toss!
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    Goober Pyle

    I wouldn't trust this fellow from The Andy Griffith show with an egg wrapped in bubble wrap.
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    Steve Urkel

    **Looks at smashed egg on the ground. "Did I do that?!"
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    Clumsy Smurf

    Has clumsy in his name...never had a chance!