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Poll: Which Character from Friends Are You?

As you hang out in a coffee shop across from Central Park with your five best friends, it's time to do some personality testing! Which 'friend' are you?

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    Chandler Bing

    The funny one!

    Do you use humour and sarcasm in any situation? Then you might be Chandler

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    Joey Tribbiani

    The sexy one!

    Are you able to pick up women with just three simple words: "How you doin'?"? Then you might be Joey

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    Monica Geller

    The motherly one!

    Are you the matriarch-type who cooks and cleans? Then you might be Monica

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    Phoebe Buffay

    The hippie chick!

    Are you an aspiring songstress with a unique approach to life? Then you might be Phoebe

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    Rachel Green

    The fashionista!

    Are you a fashion-obsessed trend-setter? Then you might be Rachel

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    Dr. Ross Geller

    The smart one!

    Do you have your PhD and smarter in science than love? Then you might be Ross