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Poll: I think I just saw... me!

Time travel is a dangerous mistress, and there have been occasions where someone has met/ seen themselves on their travels, which of these encounters is the most interesting? Discuss here

Results of 6,561 votes:

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    Marty McFly

    Back To The Future, part 2 - Marty Mcfly has to go back to the prom night setting in the first film (1985) and has to follow his younger self, whilst trying not to be seen by him in fear of creating a…
  2. 2.

    The Doctor

    The day of the doctor - A time vortex opens up and unites three doctors' simultaneously, they have multiple tasks that must be achieved one getting to the route of escaping painted characters in a 201…
  3. 3.


    Looper - A time-travelling contract killer, is given an assignment, but becomes hesitant to finish the job as he recognises the victim as himself - the older him manages to escape, will he pursue and …

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