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Poll: Acted Accents

Who of these actors does the best job in sounding authentic in a role which requires them to speak with a foreign or regional accent that is very different from their usual one?

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    as played by Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther films

    The French accent of the inspector.

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    as played by Eli Wallach in The Good The Bad and The Ugly

    Tuco's Mexican accent.

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    Prince Feisal

    as played by Alec Guinness in Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

    The Arabic accent - Alec Guinness spent hours conversing with Omar Sharif prior to filming, in order to get a feel for the authentic Arabic accent.

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    Hercule Poirot

    as played by David Suchet in the Agatha Christie mysteries

    The accent of the Belgian detective

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    Bridget Jones

    as played by Renée Zellweger in the Bridget Jones films

    Bridget's British accent (done by an American actress)

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    Franz Liebkind

    as played by Kenneth Mars in The Producers

    The German accent

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    Lili Von Shtupp

    as played by Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles

    The German accent.

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    Dr. Fritz Fassbender

    as played by Peter Sellers in What's New Pussycat?

    The heavy German accent of the psychoanalyst.

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    Alexis Zorba

    played by Anthony Quinn in Zorba the Greek

    The Greek accent.

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    Ed Bloom

    as played by Albert Finney in Big Fish (2003)

    The Southern accent (done by a British actor)

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    Ed Bloom

    as played by Ewan McGregor in Big Fish

    The Southern accent (done by a Scottish actor)

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    as played by Christian Bale in Captain Corelli's Mandolin

    The Greek accent

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    Galina Ivanova

    as played by Helen Mirren in White Nights (1985)

    The Russian accent

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    Kate 'Kit' Mundy

    as played by Meryl Streep in Dancing at Lughnasa

    The Irish accent, here the sing-song of Donegal in the Northwest.

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    Mickey O'Neil

    as played by Brad Pitt in Snatch.

    The Irish gypsy accent

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    Danny Archer

    as played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond

    The South African accent

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    Carla Jean Moss

    as played by Kelly Macdonald in No Country for Old Men

    The Southern accent (done by a Scottish actress)

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    Dr. Ahmed el Kabir

    as played by Peter Sellers in The Millionairess (1960)

    The accent of the Indian doctor.

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    Dr. Gregory House

    as played by Hugh Laurie in House M.D.

    The American accent (done by a British actor)

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    as played by Zero Mostel in Great Catherine (1968)

    The Russian accent

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    Ostap Bender

    as played by Frank Langella in The Twelve Chairs (1970)

    The Russian accent

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    Truman Capote

    as played by Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote

    Truman Capote's particular accent

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    Vladimir Ivanoff

    as played by Robin Williams in Moscow on the Hudson (1984)

    Vladimir's Russia accent