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Poll: Favorite Native American character on TV*?

*Shows that lasted at least 2 seasons

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    Played by Michael Ansara
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    Cloud Dancing

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    Joe Two Rivers

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    Chief Wild Eagle

    Played by Frank DeKova
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    Crazy Cat

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    Joseph Black Moon

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    Joseph Gribble

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    John Redcorn

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    Chester Lake

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    Played by Jay Silverheels
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    Henry Standing Bear

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    Ed Chigliak

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    Marilyn Whirlwind

    Played by Elaine Miles
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    Peter Kenidi

    Played by Tom Jackson
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    Bobby Sixkiller

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    Billy Twofeathers

    Played by Tom Jackson
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    Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill

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    Raymond Firewalker

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    Running Buck Cross