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Poll: Memorable Moustaches from Movies & TV

In a hairy battle between Borat vs. Ron Burgandy, Groucho vs. Magnum, Lando vs. Chaplin, which memorable moustache is the most iconic?

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    Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting

    Only Daniel Day-Lewis can sport a 'stache that cool and still be scary as hell. That goes double for his moustachioed turn as Daniel Plainview in 'There Will Be Blood.'
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    Groucho Marx

    Originally made of grease paint, Groucho eventually grew into his one-of-a-kind moustache.
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    Thomas Magnum

    Higgins had one, too, but without the Hawaiian print shirts and the Ferrari his 'stache was no match for the iconic one sported by Tom Selleck.
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    Ron Burgundy

    He's kind of a big deal and Merlin Olsen's been over to his house. So, there's that.
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    Lando Calrissian

    In space, no one can hear you shave.
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    Dr. Fu Manchu

    Boris Karloff stars as the evil doctor and the facial hair's namesake.
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    Charlie Chaplin

    Originally known as the "toothbrush moustache", Chaplin claims he added it to his look because it was funny and it helped hide his expression. Unfortunately, Hitler later stole the iconic look hoping it would make people like him as much as Chaplin. It didn't.
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    It's possible that Burt Reynold's moustache was some of the only hair that wasn't glued to his head during production on these two road comedy classics.
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    Ron Swanson

    He won’t publicly endorse a product unless he uses it exclusively and really believes in it, which is why he officially recommends US Army-issued mustache trimmers.
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    Machete Cortez

    Machete's got one long blade, but he wouldn't dare use it to shave off that badass moustache.
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    The Stranger

    Anything staring Sam Elliot and his stellar soupcatcher is praise-worthy: 'Tombstone'... 'Mask'... 'Hulk'... take your pick.
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    Benjamin 'Ben' Luckett

    They call this style the "walrus" moustache, but Wilford Brimley, AKA "grampa" in Ron Howard's 'Cocoon', deserves to have a moustache named after him, amiright?
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    John Shaft

    Ya damn right.
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    Peter Sellers performances in the 'Pink Panther' movies were hilarious, subtle and brilliant, just like his moustache.
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    Rhett Butler

    In the end, he didn't give a damn about Scarlett, but he always gave a damn about good grooming.
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    The Sundance Kid

    A moustache that sexy was too much for all of Bolivia to handle.
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    Jules Winnfield

    He can quote scripture, give a mean foot massage and grow one super cool moustache.
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    Borat Sagdiyev

    When he says, "my moustache still tastes of your testes," he means it.
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    Ron Kovic

    Tom Cruise always makes the list.
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    Frida Kahlo

    Hayek claims she grew the artist's faint, but historic facial hair, then regretted it, saying, "I'm all messed up, because in real life, I have a moustache. If I don't wax, when I get older, I'm probably going to look like Pancho Villa."
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    Hercule Poirot

    It's no mystery why he's on this list.
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    Captain Jack Sparrow

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    Paul Kersey

    Bronson's iconic vigilante dad used a different gun in the five 'Death Wish' movies, but his moustache never changed.
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    Arcot 'Thorny' Ramathorn

    This spot on the list is reserved for all of the mustachioed, syrup-chugging cops in Broken Lizard's modern cult favorite 'Super Troopers.'
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    Captain Hook

    Peter Pan would be the first to tell you this captain had a very mean streak. He also had a mean moustache.
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    Cheech Marin

    Cheech's iconic facial hair might be the only thing he didn't roll up and smoke during his series of stoner comedies opposite compadre, Chong. But, he probably tried to.
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    Robin Hood

    He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, but everyone could enjoy this handsome hero's famous pencil moustache.
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    Wyatt Earp

    Sam Elliot was mentioned earlier in the list, but all of his sharp-shooting sidekicks from 'Tombstone' deserve to be on this list.
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    Dennis Hopper's character from 'Easy Rider' had it all, man, the motorcycle, the fringe jacket and one groovy handlebar moustache, ya dig?
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    The Lorax

    He speaks for the trees, but you never see his mouth move with that furry upper lip.