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Poll: Movie Characters on The Dating Game

From this list of movie characters/contestants on The Dating Game (1965), which one gives the most memorable answer if a hopeful "bachelorette" asked: "Can you describe in one sentence your idea of the perfect first date?"

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    Dr. Hannibal Lecter

    As a connoisseur of fine cuisine I would treat you to an evening of the most unusual dining experience you ever had.
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    I would sweep you off your feet and whisk you away to a nice secluded spot in the North Pole
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    Agent Phil Coulson

    We would go to Tahiti…It’s a magical place
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    John J. Rambo

    We would parachute from a speeding jet into an undisclosed location and engage in games of survival and marksmanship
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    Bob 'Bobby' Wiley

    Well, first of all, can I have your phone number?...too soon?...Ok, ok, baby steps… We’ll talk after the show.
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    Ace Ventura

    I would take you to the zoo; its in the middle of my living room…Alrighty then!
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    Lloyd Christmas

    I would take you to Austria!!! We'll bump heads with kangaroos and enjoy some fresh shrimp on the barbee!
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    Bruce Banner

    I’d probably treat you to a nice relaxing day at the spa...I’m not a big fan of stress.
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    Fred Fenster

    I’d take you to the nearest rollercoaster…It’ll flip you…flip you…flip ya for real
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    Tony Montana

    Ohhh, I would take you out for some ice cream in my new car...Hope you don’t mind riding with a live tiger.
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    Norman Bates

    Can I bring my mother?
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    Agent J

    Actually, we already had a first date and we were having a great time until you pressed the little red button in my car, so I had to "neuralize" you…Can we try it again?
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    Actually, this will be our 19th date and to be honest, the previous 18 always end with me getting slapped...
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    James Bond

    I would take you on a globe-trotting top secret mission to save the world, but no matter the danger rest assured that by the end we will be on a life raft sipping medium-dry Martinis...shaken, not stirred.
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    Dr. Manhattan

    I already know you will choose bachelor number 3…Before I teleport out of here you should know that on our first date I would have taken you to Mars…I am very, very disappointed.