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Poll: Funny movie character names

From this list of movie characters, which one has the funniest name?

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    Tugg Speedman

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    Felicity Shagwell

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    a.k.a. Barfallonyou!
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    Aldous Snow

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    Dr Gonzo

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    Steve Stifler

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    a.k.a. McLovin'
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    Dirk Diggler

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    Pussy Galore

    and/or any other Bond Girl (Plenty O'Toole, Honey Ryder, Holly Goodhead, etc...)
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    Greg Focker

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    Mr. Pink

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    Alpa Chino

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    Napoleon Dynamite

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    Pippi Långstrump

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    Major Margaret Houlihan

    a.k.a. 'Hot Lips'
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    Ivana Humpalot

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    Prof. Quincy Adams Wagstaff

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    Rooster Cogburn

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    John Shaft

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    Prince Humperdinck

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    Dr. Frank-N-Furter

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    Lili Von Shtupp

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    Sugar Kane Kowalczyk

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    Truly Scrumptious

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    Damien Cockburn

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    Roman Troy Moronie

    fargin' iceholes!
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    Mister Señor Love Daddy

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    Long Duk Dong

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    Ben Dover

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    Scut Farcus

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    Biggus Dickus