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Poll: If You Were Related to Santa Claus ...

What type of relative would you be?

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    Charlie Calvin

    The innocent son who takes awhile to grow into his unique situation.
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    The clumsy son who probably won't do the things the right way, but has the right spirit.
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    The son who wants to modernize Christmas and stick to protocol above all.
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    Fred Claus

    The screw-up older brother who will most likely need to borrow money from his "saintly" brother, Santa Claus.
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    Mary Class

    The no-nonsense daughter who will use her business savvy to modernize the Christmas process.
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    Santa's father who reminisces about how Christmases were better in his day.
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    Hit Man in Santa Claus Costume

    The always faithful wife who dutifully stands by her husband's side.