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Poll: Who Best Handled Being Alone on Earth?

In a previous poll, john-hitchcock asked Which Astronaut Best Handled Being Alone in Space? Vote in that poll now!

And now here's a poll for those that had to go it alone on Earth. "Alone" isn't being used entirely literally here, but these characters were all alone for a significant period of time, or were on their own with no access to help.

Who do you think best handled being alone on Earth?

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    Zac Hobson

    Bruno Lawrence, The Quiet Earth (1985) Wakes up and finds himself completely alone in the world and doesn't know what happened.
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    Our Man

    Robert Redford, All Is Lost (2013) Stranded at sea after a collision with shipping container.
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    Paul Conroy

    Ryan Reynolds, Buried (2010) Buried alive inside a coffin with only a lighter and cell phone.
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    Aron Ralston

    James Franco, 127 Hours (2010) Trapped between a boulder and a canyon wall in the Utah desert.
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    Robert Neville

    Will Smith, I Am Legend (2007) and Vincent Price, The Last Man on Earth (1964) and Charlton Heston, The Omega Man (1974) The sole survivor in New York City after a deadly plague wipes out the rest of humanity.
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    Robert Strauss, The Noah (1975) The sole remaining survivor on the planet after a holocaust.
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    Chuck Noland

    Tom Hanks, Cast Away (2004) An airplane crash leaves him stranded on a deserted island.
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    Robinson Crusoe

    Shipwrecked on a deserted island somewhere in South America.
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    Jeremiah Johnson

    Robert Redford, Jeremiah Johnson (1972) A mountain man living the life of a hermit encounters Indians with a vendetta.
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    Chris McCandless

    Emile Hirsch, Into the Wild (2007) Escapes society for the wilderness of Alaska.
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    Adrien Brody, Wrecked (2010) Wakes up injured and trapped in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine.
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    Rachel Nichols, P2 (2007) Locked in a parking garage on Christmas Eve and is being pursued by a psychopath.
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    A robot has been left to clean-up the mess of an abandoned Earth.
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    Pi Patel

    Suraj Sharma, Life of Pi (2012) Tries to survive a disaster at sea somewhere between India and Canada with wild animals in his lifeboat.
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    Richard Farnsworth, The Straight Story (1999) Drove a lawnmower from Iowa to Wisconsin by himself just so he could make amends with his brother. - Suggested by john-hitchcock
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    Hugo Cabret

    Asa Butterfield, Hugo (2011) Spent most of his childhood alone in a train station fixing clocks. - Suggested by john-hitchcock
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    Le lieutenant Fontaine

    François Leterrier, A Man Escaped (1956) A man who was detained in a Nazi prison and mostly by himself managed to systematically work out an elaborate plan to get out. - Suggested by john-hitchcock
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    Cillian Murphy, 28 Days Later... (2002) He wakes up from a coma, alone, in an abandoned hospital. He begins to seek out anyone else to find London is deserted, apparently without a living soul.
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    Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams

    Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead series Alone against the deadites, and then on a solo quest. - Suggested by cartman_1337
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    Nim Rusoe

    Abigail Breslin, Nim's Island (2008) Alone on island after her father goes missing in a storm. - Suggested by cartman_1337
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    Roger O. Thornhill

    Cary Grant, North by Northwest (1959) Runs away from everything with no one to turn to for help as he tries to figure out what the heck is going on. - Suggested by john-hitchcock
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    Cable Hogue

    Jason Robards, The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970) Standed and left for dead in the desert. - Suggested by john-hitchcock