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Poll: Favorite Babylon 5 Character

We have reached the 20th Anniversary of this groundbreaking sci-fi TV series (first aired January 26th, 1994). It helped pioneer arc-based TV science fiction, and developed some excellent characters in the process. Name the one you find most intriguing.

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    Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair

    Captain of the station in Season One before he was transferred to Minbar by EarthGov. On the right in photo.
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    Capt. John Sheridan

    Captain of the Station for Seasons 2-4, played a pivotal leadership role in the Shadow War.

    Bruce Boxleitner

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    Londo Mollari

    Ambassador from the Centauri Republic, later rose significanly in rank in the Centauri government... but at what cost? On the left in photo.
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    Ambassador from the Narn Regime, former resistance leader during the past Centauri occupation of his homeworld. Photo is of him in the pilot movie, where his initial makeup was different. He also appears on the right in the Londo photo as he did in the series proper.
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    Susan Ivanova

    Stoic and no-nonsense second-in-command of Babylon 5.

    Claudia Christian

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    Michael Garibaldi

    Babylon 5's often troubled Chief of Security, and recovering alcoholic.

    Jerry Doyle

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    Ambassador Delenn

    Ambassador from Minbar, would become romantically involved with Sheridan, also played pivotal leadership role in Shadow War.

    Mira Furlan

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    Enigmatic Vorlon ambassador who spoke in minimal, cryptic phrases.
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    Dr. Stephen Franklin

    Babylon 5's chief medical officer and a voice of moral principle... but he had his own demons and flaws.
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    Talia Winters

    Babylon 5's chief telepath and member of the PsiCorps, who would come to be troubled by some of what the Corps was doing.

    Andrea Thompson

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    Lyta Alexander

    The chief telepath on the station before Winters (in the pre-season pilot movie), would return later in a more unofficial capacity. Sought to find out more about the Vorlons. On the left in the photo.
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    Marcus Cole

    A Ranger, part of a key organization dedicated to fighting the Shadows. Had an unrequited crush on Ivanova.

    Jason Carter

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    Delenn's diligent and trusty aide, who also had deep feelings for his mentor.

    Bill Mumy

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    Vir Cotto

    Londo's aide who tried to be his voice of conscience.

    Stephen Furst

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    G'Kar's no-nonsense female aide, who made some cynical cracks about his womanizing.

    Julie Caitlin Brown

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    Zack Allan

    Garibaldi's second-in-command of Security, a likeable guy who was morally conflicted by the changes going on with EarthGov.

    Jeff Conaway

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    Alfred Bester

    The cunning PsiCorps "Psi Cop" whose job was to pursue "rogue" telepaths, but who also had other agendas which often put him in conflict with station personnel. Played by Walter Koenig, previously known to play Chekov in the Star Trek original series.

    Walter Koenig

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    The main human agent of the Shadows--hooks people into their association by asking the question "What do you want?"

    Ed Wasser

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    Adira Tyree

    Londo has three wives, but this is the woman he really loves. A Centauri dancer and former slave.

    Fabiana Udenio

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    Capt. Elizabeth Lochley

    The captain of the Babylon 5 station in season 5, also appeared a few times in the short-lived spinoff Crusade.

    Tracy Scoggins

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    A prominent figure of the Minbari Warrior Caste, often in political conflict with Delenn, who belongs to the Religious Caste.
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    The charmingly bumbling, but underestimated, caretaker worker for the Great Machine.
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    Emperor Cartagia

    The mad, whimsical, psychopathic Emperor of the Centauri Republic after Turhan, in the model of Caligula.
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    The flighty royal court dandy who's promoted to temporarily replace Cartagia in imperial duties until they figure a permanent successor. (Named Regent Virini.)
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    The aging Minbari spiritual teacher who gives the last years of his life to be main caretaker of the Great Machine, who sometimes gives key aid to the heroes.

    John Schuck

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    The second, more hardline Vorlon Ambassador to Babylon 5, known also as "Kosh" on the show, like his predecessor ("we are all Kosh").
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    William Edgars

    Eccentric multi-billionaire who lives on Mars, with a mysterious agenda of his own.

    Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

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    First encountered Sheridan when they were abducted by the Streib vessel, later became a key figure in the Narn resistance.

    Marshall R. Teague

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    Brother Theo

    Leader of an order of Catholic monks who took up residence among the poor in Downbelow on Babylon 5.
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    Catherine Sakai

    An independent planetary surveyor who contracts with various corporations. Has been on-and-off romantically involved with Sinclair.

    Julia Nickson

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    Lord Refa

    A co-conspirator of Londo's in pushing the Centauri Republic onto a more aggressive war footing.
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    Lise Hampton

    An old lover of Garibaldi whom he has frequent regrets about leaving, who resurfaces in his life late in the series.
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    Number One

    The tough and stern female leader of the Mars Resistance.
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    The mysterious old figure Sheridan encounters on Z'Ha'Dum who gives him insights into the nature of the First Ones.
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    The leader of the rebel telepaths in season 5 who is seeking a home planet for his people.

    Robin Atkin Downes