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Poll: If you'd live in Middle Earth, what race do you want to be...

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    Human (men) -- Middle Earth leader but the most weak and greedy for power.
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    The Witch King

    Nazgul -- They're beyond dead and of the most terrifying evil after Sauron and no men can kill him but woman did.
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    Frodo Baggins

    Hobbit -- the most loving and peaceful living in Middle Earth but mostly like human, they're weak for power seduction too.
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    The Dark Lord -- the most powerful evil and Lord of the Rings but his weakness only lies in a single golden ring, the One Ring.
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    Wizard -- old, wise, and a good mentor but always mysterious and unreadable.
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    Elf -- The most beautiful and wisest in Middle Earth also immortal but somehow they are egocentric.
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    Orc -- fearless creature and loyal but dependent, mostly become slave.
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    Dwarf -- mostly fearless (except for ghosts) and great miner but stubborn and less thinking.
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    Goblin -- big and scary but very low IQ.
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    Ent -- very old and have extreme power when they get angry but think and move a little bit slow.
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    Uruk Hai -- former human, one of the strongest and the biggest among orc, fast and daylight proof, but most likely they are just servant and no ambition.
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    King of the Dead

    Ghost -- untouchable (except for Isildur heir) and extreme soldier but they're mostly coward and think nothing but them self.