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Poll: If you'd live in Middle Earth, what race would you want to be? ...

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    Human (Men) -- the most dominant race, but also the most power-hungry.
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    The Witch King

    Nazgul -- they're undead, and are the most terrifying evil (after Sauron).
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    Frodo Baggins

    Hobbits -- the most peace-loving creature of Middle-earth, similar to humans, but more resistant to temptations.
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    Demonic being (The Dark Lord, Balrog) -- the most powerful evil in Middle-earth.
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    Angelic being (Wizard) -- old, wise, and good mentor, but always mysterious and unreadable.
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    Elves -- The most beautiful and wisest being in Middle-earth, immortal but a little pretentious.
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    Orcs -- fearless creature and loyal to its master, but dependent and slave-like.
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    Dwarfs -- mostly fearless (except for ghosts), good warriors and great miners, but stubborn and greedy.
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    Goblins -- mischievous grotesque dwaft-like with magic ability but greedy for treasure especially for gold and jewelry.
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    Ent -- very old and extremelly strong (when they get angry), but think and move a little bit slow.
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    Uruk Hai -- a mixture of Orcs and Humans, fast, durable and resistant to sunlight, but mostly servant with no ambition.
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    King of the Dead

    Ghost -- untouchable (except for Isildur's heir) and an undefeatable soldier, but are mostly very selfish.