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Poll: Which TV news producer would you want supporting you?

Which of the following "TV news producers" would you want supervising you if you were a TV news anchor? (lead characters/main cast not cameos or minor characters)

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    Mary Richards

    Performed by Mary Tyler Moore, Mary Tyler Moore (1970 TV series)
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    Lou Grant

    Performed by Edward Asner, Mary Tyler Moore (1970 TV series)
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    Diana Christensen

    Performed by Fay Dunaway, Network (1976)
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    Max Schumacher

    Performed by William Holden, Network (1976)
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    Arthur Jensen

    Performed by Ned Beatty, Network (1976)
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    Jane Craig

    Performed by Holly Hunter, Broadcast News (1987)
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    Miles Silverberg

    Performed by Grant Shaud , Murphy Brown (1988 TV series)
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    Kay Carter-Shepley

    Performed by Lily Tomlin, Murphy Brown (1988 TV series)
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    Dana Whitaker

    Performed by Felicity Huffman, Sports Night (1997 TV series)
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    Fred Friendly

    Performed by George Clooney, Good Night, Good Luck (2010)
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    Becky Fuller

    Performed by Rachel McAdams, Morning Glory (2010)
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    Rex Brooks

    Performed by Sigourney Weaver, Vantage Point (2010)
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    Maggie Jordan

    Performed by Alison Pill, Newsroom (2013 TV series)
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    MacKenzie McHale

    Performed by Emily Mortimer, Newsroom (2013 TV series)
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    Jim Harper

    Performed by John Howard Gallagher, Jr., Newsroom (2013 TV series)